Animal Meal Questions & Answers With Evan Centopani

Animal Meal Questions & Answers With Evan Centopani

Who would benefit from taking Animal Meal?
Anyone looking for a balanced, extremely easy to digest, and high-quality source of macronutrients can benefit from the regular use of Animal Meal. You don’t have to be an elite athlete or bodybuilder like me to benefit from Animal Meal use either.

How often should I drink this?
Because Animal Meal was specifically designed to be food-based and all-natural, there is really no limit as to how often you can use it. That said, we know that whole, solid food should always serve as the basic foundation for our daily diets. That’s why you should use Animal Meal when you might not have time for or access to a freshly prepared, healthy and balanced meal. That’s how I use Animal Meal.

How is Animal Meal different from other conventional meal replacements?
Animal Meal ticks all the boxes whereas other MRPs leave the job half done. Animal Meal is supremely digestible, assimilates efficiently, contains only the highest quality ingredients, has balanced macronutrients, is all-natural, and great tasting.

I'm allergic to milk—does Animal Meal contain any dairy?
Animal Meal is 100% free of dairy and lactose. Approximately 75% of the world's population lose their lactase enzymes after weaning, whereas 25% do not due to an inherited genetic mutation. Those who are lactose intolerant ("lactase deficient") are now considered the norm, while those who can still digest lactose ("lactase persistent") are in the minority.

If there is no dairy, what type of protein is in this product?
Animal Meal was specifically formulated using an optimal blend of the best proteins out there such as beef isolate, whole egg, egg white, and pea proteins to create a nutritionally advantageous amino acid profile.

Why are the fats so high compared to other meal replacements?
A balanced approach is the best approach and meals should contain equivalent ratios of protein, carbohydrates, AND quality fats. In my opinion, the nutrient profile of other meal replacements continues to mirror an outdated nutritional approach.

How is Animal Meal different than Animal Whey?
While Animal Whey is solely a source of protein (whey), Animal Meal is a source of nutrition in the form of the three macronutrients: protein, carbs and fat. Further, while whey protein has a very high biological and nutritional value, a large number of people are unable to consume dairy proteins without negative gastrointestinal effects due to either lactose or milk allergies which are quite common.

Can Animal Meal also be used for bulking as a weight gainer?
Think of Animal Meal in the same way you think about food. If gaining weight is your goal, then the inclusion of more quality calories in your diet is vital. Animal Meal will undoubtedly serve that purpose.

Can I use Animal Meal while cutting?
Because Animal Meal provides a balanced combination of macros in the form of high quality ingredients, it can be used during a dieting phase just as whole food would be. As always though, whole food should remain the basis of one's diet.

Can I use Animal Meal post-workout?
Whether it's first thing in the morning, before training, after training, or before bed, you can use Animal Meal to help you achieve your desired goals. Animal Meal was formulated with balanced macros for maximum flexibility and versatility.

What are the benefits of Animal Meal's natural formula?
Keeping Animal Meal natural and without any artificial flavors, sweeteners, or colors has always been one of my top goals. Why? Because quality, natural whole foods do not contain any of these ingredients. I wanted Animal Meal to be the closest thing to whole food—but with the added convenience of a powder. Animal Meal contains the stuff your body wants—the stuff I want to eat.

Is Animal Meal filling?
Animal Meal is unique in that it is satisfying while digesting efficiently. The formula was designed to digest easily but steadily, thus keeping your blood sugar steady. The result is exceptional satiety without feeling stuffed.

Can I mix Animal Meal with Animal Whey?
If whey or any dairy-based protein digests well for you and you want to add even more protein, then you could combine both. The same holds true for the addition of extra carbohydrates or fats. However, keep in mind that doing so will alter the characteristics of the product and may affect digestibility or the satiety felt from consuming Animal Meal on its own. I don’t add anything to Animal Meal. I think it’s perfect as is.

What time of day should I drink this?
You can use this product any time you need a surge of high quality, efficiently digested calories. We designed Animal Meal to be flexible. I personally consume an Animal Meal shake every day, about 30 minutes prior to training. The close proximity to training combined with easy digestion allows for sustained energy and very full feeling muscles. And I can still eat again immediately following training.

Animal Meal contains dextrose—isn’t that a cheap, bad carb?
It’s true Animal Meal contains dextrose. However, dextrose is an ingredient that has been much maligned. First, dextrose is similar to blood glucose and can either serve as a quick and efficient means for replacing glycogen or as an immediate energy source. Second, the dextrose we use is a quality ingredient derived specifically from tapioca and not corn or wheat. That was very important to me and ANIMAL delivered.

A serving of Animal Meal contains 230mg of cholesterol. Isn’t that bad?
The idea of dietary cholesterol would contribute to your serum cholesterol levels, especially the bad form of cholesterol (LDL) has been debunked. Recent studies have shown that to not be the case. The fats to fear are trans fats. In fact, dietary cholesterol may be important for the strength athlete as it converts to testosterone in the body. So if you are healthy, eating foods with cholesterol, like eggs, is fine. Animal Meal contains whole eggs are part of its formula, and to put things into perspective, one serving of Animal Meal contains about the same amount of cholesterol as a single, large egg.
Does Animal Meal contain soy or wheat?

No, there is no added soy or wheat in Animal Meal.

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