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When you feel better, you perform better. To help you stay strong inside and out, we’ve combined the best vitamins for bodybuilding with foundational supplements for athletes seeking bulletproof joints, immune health, digestion, and more. Get a FREE Clear Whey Sample with every purchase. 

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What Are The Best Health Supplements For Bodybuilding?

A sculpted outside comes from a strong inside. We talk frequently about buffing up your inner armor, which is your body’s defense not just against pathogens and viruses that slash your hard-earned gains, but also includes joint strength and mobility, digestive health, hormone balance, and more


The fitness community has no shortage of voices telling people how to stay healthy, with anecdotes ranging from sound to surprisingly false, and can make you ask, “Is bodybuilding healthy at all.” (The answer’s yes, by the way.)


But ask the best in the biz and they’ll tell you it comes down to diet. Not everyone has the time or budget to hone a perfectly calculated, nutritionally advantageous diet with real foods alone. That’s why finding professionally formulated supplements for athletes is critical, and choosing the best ones is even more important. Here are a few things to look for:

  •        Immune-boosting micronutrients

  •        Supporting cellular energy and function

  •        Enhanced oxygen levels and blood flow

  •        Beneficial digestive enzymes

  •        Anti-inflammatory and joint protection

  •        Hormone balancers

  •        Ample and appropriate daily doses

  • But how important are vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients for bodybuilding, really? Ask professional bodybuilders themselves:

    •        “[As] athletes we require greater micronutrient intake to cover the increased needs for muscle building, repair, and maintenance.” - Renee Jewett

    •        “Train smart by emphasizing a lot of anti-inflammatory foods in your diet and limiting pro-inflammatory foods. Take a good joint support supplement like Animal Flex.” - Shawn Smith

    •        “[Whether] you’re restricting calories to drop body fat or eating in excess to gain size and strength, increasing micronutrient intake can pay big dividends.” - Evan Centopani