John Haack

John Haack is often referred to as “The GOAT” of powerlifting and for good reason. Over the past couple years, he has dominated multiple weight classes, broken multiple All-Time World Records, and claimed some of the most impressive titles that exist. John also has a full-time career as a chemist, specifically doing research and development. 

Kennedy Anyanwu

Kennedy Anyanwu AKA “Collosus Ken” He is an IFBB Pro from New Jersey (where Animal’s headquarters is located), who recently placed 1st overall in the 2023 NPC North Americans, earning his pro card. In addition to his budding bodybuilding career, Kennedy also works as an IT Engineer.


Martyn embodies the core values of the Animal brand, symbolizing the relentless pursuit of strength and excellence. His commitment to pushing the limits of physical capabilities aligns perfectly with the Animal ethos of being "built, not born." Martyn's addition to the Animal Athlete team not only brings his unique expertise and personality to the forefront but also continues to elevate the standard of what it means to be part of this elite group.
Evan hero


Evan has been a staple figure in the bodybuilding and fitness world since earning his pro status in 2007. Evan went on to make his pro debut at the New York Pro in 2009 where he took first place. He has set the standard for the Animal Pak brand and what it means to be an Animal Athlete.
John hero


Few people know that early in his career John was a world champion in powerlifting and broke 12 world records in the sport before transitioning to bodybuilding. He earned his pro card in 2016 and made his debut at the 2016 Europa in Phoenix, Arizona. John has a master’s degree in nutrition and a bachelor’s in exercise science. He is also a Registered Dietitian and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.
dan hero


In the world of international powerlifting, there are few names as well known as the “Boss," Dan Green. Dan holds the world record for raw squat without wraps at 783lb in the 220lb weight class. Dan has combined years of training and knowledge in the sport of powerlifting in the running of his two successful businesses, Boss Barbell Club and Mountain View Fitness in Northern California.
athlete nadia


I signed up for a Spartan run in my first year of lifting with some friends from the gym I was attending at the time. Once there, I was introduced to more racers who would be joining us where I met my, now coach, Jacob Finerty.
renee hero


Turning pro after having completed only two shows, Renee perfectly represents the IFBB Wellness division. Diligent, logical, and intense, Renee brings the heat not only to the gym floor but to the stage as well. Looking to capitalize on her success, she’s targeting her pro debut in 2021, and if the past is indicative of the future, she will be in the mix on the big stage.