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We often find ourselves wondering about our daily lives—we know that our lives are meant for a greater purpose, but what is our calling? How do we know what our life is meant for? It’s easy to know what your passions are. We all have a passion for something in life. What’s the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning? What’s the last thing you think about going to bed? What do you constantly think about during the day when nothing else is going on? I can’t stop thinking about being the best bodybuilder I can be and making the greatest positive impact on people’s lives.
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Lessons Learned over the Past Year

With 2018 ending, I like to reflect back on some major things I learned related to bodybuilding. I learned a lot in general outside of bodybuilding, but I am going to focus on what is probably more important to you—your physique. I am not one that dwells in the past, but I do like to reflect on where I came from and what I have learned. Most of what we learn in our lifetime is forgotten, so it is nice to write down a few things to make sure I carry them into the next year.
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Setting Goals for Your Dream

If you want the best life you can live, it is time to set some goals. Ask any high achiever and they all will tell you the importance of setting goals. Goals give you focus. Goals can give clarity to daily tasks that need to be completed in order to accomplish your dream. Goals can be set for all areas of your life: fitness, relationships, career, or even for vacations. I’ve had many times when I was stuck and asked myself what I should be doing to achieve my goals. I wasn’t even sure why I was doing anything anymore. It is in these moments that I have to sit down and evaluate what I want my future to look like. Those are my goals and then I can work backward to find the daily tasks needed to accomplish them.
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Change Your Mind, Change Your Body

We often get into a routine of going to the gym as if we’re just checking it off of our to-do list. For the serious lifters, every day is a great day to get better. There is no checking off going to the gym. We look forward to it. Those who aren’t so serious may find a reason to take it easy or skip the gym altogether. It’s during these moments that your mental toughness will be challenged.
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ANIMAL: I Want To Be Remembered

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Supps on a Budget with Evan "Ox" Centopani

We get it. You don’t have a bankroll of hundreds a months for a whole cabinet of supps. What are the most important? Which ones should you prioritize? Evan Centopani explains which supplements he’d grab if he were on limited funds in the new series "Big on a Budget: Supplements."

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Boss of Bosses 5: The Feature

Boss of Bosses V, the fifth annual powerlifting meet held by Dan and Sparkle Green, took place this past August. One of the premier competitions in the raw powerlifting game, athletes from all over the world fly in to display their very best. Quite a number of Universal/Animal athletes and employees also got in the mix and took home high honors.

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On The Stage with Derek Lunsford: The Olympia Part 4

We've seen the build-up and the preparation leading up to the 2018 Mr. Olympia. We've seen Derek Lunsford relocate to work under the tutelage of IFBB Pro and world-renowned trainer, Ben Pakulski. It's finally time to see what all the hard work and dedication amounted to as he steps foot on the Olympia stage. With all the lights and cameras flashing in his eyes, where does the young phenom land on the greatest stage on Earth?

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Our Roots Since 1983

A Family Company

A family owned company, born in the 70s on the rough-and-tumble streets of industrial New Jersey, Animal is a product of its environment. Producing no-nonsense supplements and gear for the hardest-training lifters in the world now in our fourth decade, Animal has sought to nourish, educate and inspire dedicated bodybuilders who demand the best. Backing up our tough talk by walking the walk every day, the Animal commitment to authenticity informs everything we do, because like the place from which we hail, is real.
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