I signed up for a Spartan run in my first year of lifting with some friends from the gym I was attending at the time. Once there, I was introduced to more racers who would be joining us where I met my, now coach, Jacob Finerty. He joked around asking me 'what I was strong for' and that question hit me harder than I thought because I didn't have an answer. I had only started working out to lose weight. I'd never played a sport and never lifted weights before so I didn't really have a direction or goals I was working on. I asked him what he did and he invited me to watch him compete in strongman. Seeing the grit, the drive, the competitiveness of it all - I knew then that I wanted to compete.


  • Middleweight Professional Strongwoman
  • Heavyweight Professional Strongwoman
  • 2x back to back America’s Strongest Woman ‘21/'22
  • 2x back to back World’s Strongest Woman ‘21/'22 (first african american to even win a world title. then twice)
  • Middle Weight Class
  • Log Press Record 288#
  • Block Press Record 215#
  • Axle Press Record 282#
  • American Dumbbell Press Record 170#
  • American Deadlift Record 553#