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Animal PM

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An all-natural sleep aid that maximizes sleep efficiency and amplifies your ability to recover and recuperate from training. Animal PM features effective sleep and relaxation complexes that are non-habit forming and help you get your fullest, deepest sleep, while boosting growth hormone (GH) naturally.

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Grow New Muscle Tissue While You Sleep

  • Melatonin Plus Sleep and Relaxation Complex

    Promotes a more efficient, restful sleep, to get your fullest, deepest sleep

  • Clinically researched Ingredients GABA and AKG

    Boosts growth hormone naturally with a heightened, night-time anabolic process

  • All-Natural Sleep and Recovery Formula

    Features effective sleep and relaxation complexes that are non-habit forming

  • Convenient On-the-Go Packs

    Get high quality sleep and effective recovery wherever you are

Frequently asked questions

Should I take Animal PM on non-training days?

Animal PM is a natural sleep support supplement that can be taken year round. It works to help with recovery, promote rest and relaxation, enhance quality of sleep, as well as aid natural hormone production. These are all things that need support on a daily basis.

Is Animal PM a “sleep aid”?

No. Animal PM does not help you fall asleep faster. It is designed to maximize your sleep period from a recovery point of view. Essentially, it may make your sleep more efficient.

What did you update in Animal PM?

Our updated Animal PM features many of the same ingredients as the previous version, but they are now completely transparent. You can see in the updated Animal PM supplements facts panel, that some of those familiar features are GABA, transparently dosed at a gram per serving, arginine, ornithine, valerian root, chamomile, and theanine. We then swapped the L-glutamine, EAA blend, alpha-GPC, and mucuna pruriens with upgrades of 500mg of premium Zylaria, 250mg of colostrum peptides (immunoglobulins), 100mg of tryptophan, and 3mg of melatonin (in its own convenient standalone capsule).

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Made in the USA

Made in the USA

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Good manufacturing practice

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UL Certified

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Ironclad quality & guarantee