Animal M Stak

Animal M-Stak

Non-Hormonal Muscle-Building Formula


Animal M-Stak is a non-hormonal, anabolic supplement pack that helps your body absorb more nutrients and build more lean muscle. Animal M-Stack’s innovative formula combats muscle breakdown and supports nutrient absorption giving... Read More
  • Promotes muscle gains and naturally boosts hormone levels
  • Increases protein synthesis, nutrient absorption, and nitrogen retention
  • Helps to reduce stress and improve carbohydrate metabolism
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The Natural Muscle Gain Solution for Hardgainers

Muscle Building Flavone/Sterone Complex

Anabolic formula to break through workout plateaus whether you’re a “hardgainer” or just looking to build more lean muscle

The M-Factor and Metabolic Support

Powerful formula promotes nutrient absorption and supports carbohydrate metabolism to help efficiently utilize the nutrients that you are consuming

Adaptogens Including Ashwagandha

Scientifically studied adaptogens are utilized to reduces stress and normalize cortisol levels

Anti-Catabolic Complex with Leucine

Unique formula of leucine and other BCAAs helps inhibit muscle breakdown that can erase your gains

Frequently asked questions

Should I keep protein and calorie intake high when on Animal M-Stak?

Yes. One thing that differentiates Animal M-Stak from Animal Stak and other supplements is its "nutrient partitioning" effects. Keeping protein intake high (up to 2 g/lb of body weight) will mean more protein synthesis. You're trying to push past plateaus on this product.

How many pills does Animal M-Stak contain?

Animal M-Stak contains a total of 8 pills. They should be taken together for optimal effectiveness. The red capsule can be removed if taking a caffeinated pre-workout or training late at night as this capsule contains caffeine.


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