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Animal M-Stak

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Animal M-Stak is a non-hormonal, anabolic supplement pack that helps your body absorb more nutrients and build more lean muscle. Animal M-Stack’s innovative formula combats muscle breakdown and supports nutrient absorption giving you the extra push to break through workout plateaus.

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The Natural Muscle Gain Solution for Hardgainers

  • Muscle Building Flavone/Sterone Complex

    Anabolic formula to break through workout plateaus whether you’re a “hardgainer” or just looking to build more lean muscle

  • The M-Factor and Metabolic Support

    Powerful formula promotes nutrient absorption and supports carbohydrate metabolism to help efficiently utilize the nutrients that you are consuming

  • Adaptogens Including Ashwagandha

    Scientifically studied adaptogens are utilized to reduces stress and normalize cortisol levels

  • Anti-Catabolic Complex with Leucine

    Unique formula of leucine and other BCAAs helps inhibit muscle breakdown that can erase your gains

Frequently asked questions

Should I keep protein and calorie intake high when on Animal M-Stak?

Yes. One thing that differentiates Animal M-Stak from Animal Stak and other supplements is its "nutrient partitioning" effects. Keeping protein intake high (up to 2 g/lb of body weight) will mean more protein synthesis. You're trying to push past plateaus on this product.

How many pills does Animal M-Stak contain?

Animal M-Stak contains a total of 8 pills. They should be taken together for optimal effectiveness. The red capsule can be removed if taking a caffeinated pre-workout or training late at night as this capsule contains caffeine.

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Made in the USA

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Good manufacturing practice

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UL Certified

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Ironclad quality & guarantee