Animal Pak Multivitamin Powder cherry bomb flavor Animal Pak Powder Animal Pak Powder Animal Pak Powder Animal Pak Powder Workout vitamin powder for men with spectra and astragin Animal Pak Powder Animal Pak Powder
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Animal Pak Powder

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Our legendary all-in-one stack of 85+ foundational, bio-optimized nutrients in 3 mouth-watering powders: Fruit Punch, Orange Crushed, and Cherry Bomb.
Also available in convenient pill packs.

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Pak Powder

The Ultimate Training Supplement for Those Who Are Built Not Born


    Providing 12 supplements in 1 and now delivering better performance with 85+ highly absorbable nutrients that enhances training sessions and boosts energy in daily life, now with 30 servings (60 scoops) per can

  • Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Daily Nutritional and Immune Support

    Optimized nutritional values of to meet the daily vitamin, mineral and herb needs of athletes including Zinc, Vitamins C, B, D, plus EAA and BCAA Amino Acids, and more

  • Includes Scientifically Validated Spectra® and AstraginTM

    Spectra® is an all-natural blend of 29 fruits, vegetables, and herbs to help increase blood flow to muscles and support cellular energy through improved oxygen and AstraginTM helps improve nutrient absorption and bioavailability†

  • Cost Effective, All in One Product

    More than a multivitamin, a comprehensive sports nutrition solution that costs less than buying individual supplements separately

Frequently asked questions

How many scoops of Animal Pak Powder equal 1 pack of Animal Pak?

1 scoop of Animal Pak Powder equals 1 pack of Animal Pak.

What can I stack Animal Pak Powder with?

Animal Pak Powder is the baseline to any stack and can be stacked with any of the products in our product line. As a part of our foundational line, Animal Pak Powder should be used for your everyday needs.

Can I take Animal Pak Powder and Animal Immune Pak Powder together?

You can combine these throughout the day as you would still be within the tolerable limit for absorption. In fact, Animal Pak Powder can be taken with any other product we offer. It serves as a base or foundation to any combination. To maximize the effectiveness of these products when paired together, we suggest spreading out each serving so that they are not all taken at the same exact time. For instance, Animal Pak Powder in the morning and Animal Immune Pak Powder with an afternoon meal. This will help the absorption process within the body. The same can be said for both of these products in their pill versions.

What updates did you make to this new Animal Pak Powder formula?

Our updated formula of Animal Pak Powder maximizes the benefit of the powder form, delivering the best foundational nutrient features for a powder, via great solubility, digestibility, ingredient mix and delicious flavor. We removed the harsher tasting materials and replaced with key ingredients that are more advantageous to a powder format, such as free form essential amino acids, branched chain amino acids, betaine among others and is further boosted with all new Spectra® and Astragin®.

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Made in the USA

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Good manufacturing practice

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UL Certified

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Ironclad quality & guarantee