Animal Meal: Key Ingredients

Animal Meal: Key Ingredients

The idea behind Animal Meal is pretty simple. Animal and I created Animal Meal to be a highly digestible meal replacement powder with just a few natural, high quality ingredients. Animal Meal contains macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) sourced from the following seven basic foods: beef, egg, peas, sweet potatoes, oats, cassava root (yuca), and olive oil. Animal Meal also provides a close approximation of what I deem as the ideal ratio of those macronutrients – 1:1:1. Working closely with Animal, I just wanted in create a meal replacement powder that could serve as a meal “replacement” for me and anyone interested in proper nutrition. I truly hope I’ve succeeded.


Beef Protein Isolate: Anyone who knows anything about nutrition is well aware of the muscle building potential of red meat. Beef protein isolate boasts an excellent amino acid profile, is one of the most concentrated protein sources available and is well-digested.
Pea Protein Isolate: One of the few hypoallergenic proteins commercially available, pea protein isolate features a solid amino acid profile while being very gentle on the digestive system.
Egg Protein: Some believe that the nutritional potential of the egg is greatest when both the white and the yolk are consumed together. I happen to share this belief. Not only is whole egg protein a rich source of highly bioavailable protein, but also a tremendous source of valuable fatty acids, choline and cholesterol. Whole egg protein is a nutritional powerhouse, and I had to have it included in Animal Meal. In addition to the whole egg, Animal Meal is also enhanced with pure, instantized egg white protein as well.


Oats: A staple for many, oats just might be a perfect carbohydrate source. Oats, a slower digesting carb source, are capable of providing us with sustained energy with a very low potential for digestive distress.
Pea Starch: While there are not many carbohydrate sources that can be easily digested without negatively affecting blood sugar, pea starch is one of the few. Pea starch is also capable of delivering sustained energy without gastrointestinal stress.
Sweet Potato Powder: Even more easily digested than oats, sweet potatoes can also provide both fast and sustained energy.
Tapioca Dextrose: Rapidly metabolized into blood glucose, we’ve included this ingredient as a fast and efficient source for fueling the body and replenishing glycogen stores without taxing the digestive system. Unlike the vast majority of cheaper, commercially available dextrose that's made from corn, ours comes from tapioca (cassava root).


Olive Oil: In my humble opinion, olive oil is quite possibly the perfect fat. It is easily digested, high in monounsaturated fats, and has been shown to bolster the human body's metabolism. Olive oil is also capable of providing sustained energy and is a high-quality source of calories.


For many accustomed to over-sweetened and, in my opinion, over-flavored powders, the relatively bland flavor of Animal Meal may surprise you. Rest assured, this was by design. Animal Meal is a product I use personally every day. From the very beginning, I told Animal that the flavor would have to be subtle and not overpowering. If you are going to drink something every day–even several times a day–you want to make sure the flavor isn't over the top or too sweet.

That's why Animal Meal makes use of natural cocoa powder, stevia, monk fruit extract, and sea salt to create an excellent but neutral tasting powder. I didn’t want to include artificial ingredients, sweeteners, or colorings of any kind. I believe the end result is a rich, natural and wholesome flavor that is not overwhelming in any way. It took Animal many, many prototypes to nail the flavor and get it to my liking. What you see before you is the end result of our hard work.

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