How to find the right pre-workout

How to find the right pre-workout for you

You Picked the Wrong Pre-Workout!

Scrolling through the online store or browsing the supplement aisle, the options of products seem endless. If you are a research nerd like me, it takes forever to choose as I don’t want to make the wrong one. Or maybe you are whimsical and grab the first thing that has some flashy packaging. Either way I want to simplify this process for you, especially for picking the right pre-workout.

The Animal brand now has 3 pre-workout products and many might wonder, why would you ever need three different products? At Animal, we wanted to cover the needs of anyone walking into the gym and for any time of day. By the end of this read, you will know exactly the right product to move you from subpar workouts to the best workouts possible.

Preworkout Rookie Season

Nothing wrong with being the new person at the gym. It's your rookie season and you need the first entry-level pre-workout of choice. You don’t want every single possible performance ingredient, you want to leave something on the table for later on. This is Animal Fury.

Fury brings energy and focuses with 350mg of caffeine and 1000mg of L-Tyrosine. Also added is the amino acid L-citrulline to significantly increase nitric oxide levels for improved blood flow and decreased fatigue during training, so you can work longer. Beta-alanine is also onboard to aid in those really high rep or endurance sets.

Fury brings a balance of what anyone wants from training whether resistance training or just doing cardio or even a mix.

Moving to the Big League

You liked Fury, but need to step up the workout game. Energy needs to be soaring high, but still smooth. You want bigger pumps and also intense workouts require some considerations for hydration. Animal Primal delivers on these fronts.

Primal Combines caffeine with huperzine and theacrine, which enhances focus even more and makes the caffeine less jittery. Citrulline is combined with glycerol which pulls more water into the muscle for larger pumps. Then an electrolyte complex is added as hydration is key to strength and endurance performance. This is our most comprehensive pre-workout.

Pump Junkie Without the Jitters

Animal Pump Pro was created for the lifter in mind that is focused on pumps, strength, and lean mass gain, but with no caffeine. We still add Alpha GPC, huperzine, and L-tyrosine for focus and concentration, but we wanted something for those who want to forgo stimulants. This is for the late-night lifter that needs to get to sleep soon.

Regarding muscle building and pumps, Animal Pump is dosed effectively. L-citrulline and Nitrosigine work together to increase nitric oxide and improve work capacity. Hydromax is added, like Primal, to further enhance hydrated pumps. The most researched muscle builder, creatine monohydrate, is added for strength and power output.

Wrap Up

Whatever level you are at or the type of workout you do, Animal has the pre-workout supplements for you. From here it just comes down to your needs. No longer second guess how to choose a pre-workout, trust the brand that manufactures the products themselves and doses effectively.

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