Animal Primal: Our Best Pre-workout Powder

Animal Primal: Our Most Comprehensive Preworkout

As bodybuilders, we realize each training session is an opportunity to grow and improve. Each time you train, you have to raise the bar just a little bit more than last time to progress. Intensity must be high, blood flow maximized, and focus sharp. Why not supplement with something that will dial up all those factors? Why not increase the chance you’ll crush your workout and reap all the rewards? Introducing Animal Primal, Animal’s latest, most comprehensive pre-workout supplement.

Blood is life. Blood carries nutrients, hormones, and oxygen to your muscles. Bodybuilders understand the importance of blood flow during training. Achieving a mind-blowing pump is optimal for muscle growth! Cellular swelling through resistance training increases protein synthesis, decreases protein breakdown, and activates satellite cells responsible for muscle growth. Animal Primal contains a patented blend of ingredients known as 3DPump that will increase vasodilation and nitric oxide production and greatly increase your chances of achieving a skin-splitting pump. AstraGin and an electrolyte complex both support hydration to really maximize cellular swelling and nutrient uptake.

Volume. Time under tension. These are two variables of resistance training that must be dialed up high enough to illicit muscle stimulation and growth. This means you have to put in the maximal effort and lots of it. Battling through set after set, from beginning to end. Animal Primal contains ingredients like beta-alanine, Senactiv, and taurine that allow you to plow through your sets, increase force production, and limit fatigue.

Focus! You are in the gym to train—you have work to do! Do you really want to walk under a 500-lb. squat bar with half-assed concentration? Do you really think you can break through PRs when your mind isn’t present and sharp? Choline bitartrate, huperzine A, and tyrosine are all included in Animal Primal. These are ingredients that promote mental alertness and focus, so you don’t break your chicken legs on that 500-lb. squat for reps.

Last but not least, Animal Primal has tried-and-true caffeine, a green tea herbal complex, and guarana. Not only do these ingredients hype you up and keep energy levels high, but they also increase force production that allows you to contract your muscle harder, longer.

There are plenty of pre-workout products out there. Most just dump a ton of stimulants in and call it a day. Animal Primal is much more than a pick-me-up after a long day at work. Animal Primal has everything you need in a pre-workout all wrapped into one: energy, focus, endurance, and the ability to achieve a killer pump. Maximize your training sessions and reap the rewards! 

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