Pro Athlete Stefi Cohen reveals how she makes time for nutrition with Animal Greens.

Making Time for Nutrition with Animal Greens

As much as I wish I was the perfect picture of health, I’ve got to be real with you guys. Salads are not my first choice. And veggies do not make their way into my meals more than 50% of the time. Gasp!

I hope this doesn’t break any hearts.

As a professional athlete, business owner, author, podcast host, and fashion designer, I live on a spectrum of convenience. Much like many of our members at Hybrid Performance Method, I’m learning to meticulously scan my nutrition options like a cyborg, weighing each food’s convenience-to-benefit ratio (while restraining from making robotic beep-boop noises out loud).

Exhibit A: a Big Mac from McDonald’s for lunch. My astute assessment reveals that, while this choice racks up hella points on the convenience scale, the benefits are scant and rather transient. Mouthwatering, yes. Conducive to a packed day and tough training sessions, not really.

Exhibit B: a fresh, homemade cobb salad with grilled sirloin for lunch. Benefits? Where do I start? Delicious and nutritious, stacked with protein, healthy fats, greens, and fiber. Convenient? Maybe for someone else, but definitely not for me. I barely have time to run home and let the dogs out, let alone go full Gordon Ramsey on my lunch break.

What I’m trying to get at here is the common dietary tradeoff that tends to occur between convenience and constructiveness. The choices that are easiest to implement might not match our “ideal” picture of healthy eating. But, then again, those pie-in-the-sky cornucopias of whole foods aren’t realistic more than 1% of the time for many of us.

I need to give Animal a shout out for giving me hope on this front. They’ve heard our cries for the best of both worlds and they’ve answered with Animal Greens.

(In truth, I think it’s because they couldn’t stand the bad breath that everyone was getting from drinking greens drinks all the time, so they did something genius and created their cheeky Greens pill packs.)

No more sipping on a cold glass of freshly cut grass first thing in the morning or choking down soggy green beans at dinner in the name of “health.”

Animal Greens includes a Greens Food Blend equivalent to a hearty serving of greens (without the kale getting stuck in your teeth part), as well as a complex of antioxidants and phytonutrients you aren’t going to find in your regular multivitamin. The prebiotic and digestive blend makes sure everything goes down (and stays down) smoothly.

You may be wondering, if greens really even work—I wondered the same thing.

There are a couple of studies out there that point to potential benefits in lowering blood pressure and yielding antioxidative effects in certain blood markers. That said, it’s tough to put all of one’s eggs in the little amount of research that has been done on the topic of greens supplements specifically, since formulations vary greatly across different brands and products. I suggest you be a good scientist and try them out for yourself.

For me, Animal Greens packs a huge punch in its convenience-to-benefit ratio. It doesn’t get much easier than popping back a pill pack in the morning, does it? And for someone who isn’t planning on using the salad spinner anytime soon, I’ll take all the dehydrated wheat grass I can get.


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