Big on a Budget: Supp Edition

Big on a Budget: Supp Edition

If I only had $25 to spend on supplements per month, without a doubt I would choose Animal Pak. What’s great about Animal Pak is that it is jam-packed full of all your necessary micronutrients. Your body needs these vitamins and minerals to support your vital organs. Sure, you can get much of your micronutrients through fruits and vegetables, but let’s be honest, how much are you really eating? It’s likely that you are missing out on key vitamins and minerals from your diet. Taking a high quality multivitamin, such as the Animal Pak, ensures you are covering all the micronutrient support your body needs to perform optimally. The best part is that it’s well under my $25 budget.

Let’s say I want to get a little more serious and add in a second supplement that will help me toward my bodybuilding and training goals. If I’m under a $50 budget, I would add in Animal Nitro. The Animal Nitro pack is completely loaded with essential amino acids (EAAs). EAAs, the basic building blocks for protein, help to build more muscle tissue. Although most of your amino acids should come from the protein you eat throughout the day, taking an EAA supplement like Nitro is a faster way to repair and recover damaged muscled from training. I’m a huge believer in supplementing amino acids in my diet, and the best time to take them is first thing in the morning, pre and post workout, and then before bed.

With our budget increased to $100 per month, we can take these gains to the next level. My stack for $100 is simple and effective. Along with Animal Pak, I would choose Juiced Aminos instead of Animal Nitro. Both are great EAA products, but Juiced Aminos also has the added benefit of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs). Besides the ingredients, I personally enjoy the flavors of Juiced Aminos. I drink them during every training session—typically 3 scoops. If I want to flavor my water, I may add another scoop or two throughout the day. It makes getting water down much easier and it doesn’t hurt to have some extra amino acids with my other meals.

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Animal Whey is the third product in my stack under $100. As protein supplementation isn’t too far behind in importance after micronutrient and amino acid support, protein powder has always been a staple in my supplement stack. Animal Whey is an isolate loaded protein powder that you can drink post workout or at any time during the day. I tend to use this post workout. Sometimes I will use Animal Whey in addition to another meal. Watch my series “On the Stage” to see how I make a “mug cake” from Animal Whey. The best part is that Animal Whey’s great quality protein comes in a variety of delicious flavors. I can stay consistent with my protein but my taste buds will never get bored.

Lastly, Animal Energy fits just under the $100 budget we set for the month. I always like a good pre workout to get me amped up for the gym. Using Animal Energy as a pre workout is a cost effective way of getting your adrenaline going before training. You can take 1 pill and you’re good to go, or break the capsule open and pour it in your drink. I don’t recommend more than one pill. Animal Energy’s caffeine and herbal energy blend is potent enough to get you lit up in the gym but keep you from crashing in the end.

When I started to take my training seriously, I decided from day one that my supplement stack should include products that contribute to my health, recovery, and muscle building.

You can’t go wrong with vitamins, amino acids, and protein. Try this stack out and let me know how you like it or build your own stack using this one as a starting point.