Animal Cuts wins The Vitamin Shoppe's 2021 Best Thermogenic

Animal Cuts: Victory Becomes Reality

Animal Cuts, the premier thermogenic fat burner in a line of top-notch sports supplements, has been a staple of the gym and athletic community for decades. Our comprehensive formula helps you get to the destination that so many seek—weight loss and reduced body fat.

Cuts covers all the bases: caffeine gets the heart rate up, various tea leaf extracts increase metabolic rate, and natural diuretics flush excess water weight. It even has a nootropic complex to help you focus during those long cardio sessions and an appetite suppressant to curb your hunger during periods of strict dieting and low calories. Why would we only target one avenue of fat loss? That’s not the Animal way. We address them all and wrap it up in a convenient, all-in-one packet.

Don’t just take our word for it—listen to the ones on the front line. Animal athlete and elite powerlifter Rob Hall takes Cuts after competitions when he’s trying to lower body weight and give his body a break after a heavy training camp. Stefi Cohen, 25x all-time world record holder and Animal athlete, uses it during the last phases of a cut to squeeze into a lower weight class. She says, besides the obvious fat loss, it keeps her “energized during low calories.” Even before he became an Animal athlete, IFBB Pro Chris Tuttle used Cuts during his contest preps to “keep his energy and focus elevated and burn fat at a slightly faster rate.”

Animal Cuts was recently included in The Vitamin Shoppe’s “Battle of the Brands” for “Best Thermogenic,” and we are proud to report that we came out on top. There is no clearer way to see how you stack up against the competition than to hear the public’s opinion through a vote cast in your favor. It was a hard-fought battle with some tough competition against noteworthy brands that offer popular products of their own. But seeing our iconic black and red label claim victory did not surprise us. We stand by our products. We guarantee their quality and the simple fact that they work. Efficacy is our mission; authenticity is our guiding principle. We’ve preached and lived this since day one, and it won’t stop today, tomorrow, or ever.

Chris Tuttle, IFBB Pro, Animal Athlete:

"I took Animal Cuts because I wanted to maximize fat loss and energy during a cutting phase. I have taken it at least a dozen times since I started bodybuilding. My first time was when I was 20 years old and it worked great. I was very happy with the product for 3 main reasons: It helped maintain my energy on a calorie deficit, kept my appetite in check, and I felt that it helped me lose fat mass at a slightly faster rate."

Chris Tuttle

Stefi Cohen, Powerlifter, Animal Athlete:

"I use Animal Cuts to aid in weight loss and decrease my appetite during the end of a cutting phase of competition prep. I like that it makes me feel energized even when my calories are lower."

Stefi Cohen

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