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1 x Animal Cuts
  • Comprehensive fat burning formula with Nootropics
  • Supports fat loss, appetite suppression, sustained energy, and enhanced focus
  • Available in convenient pill packs and great tasting powders
  • Also available in delicious tasting powders.
1 x Animal Omega
Animal Omega
  • 7 different sources of Omega 3’s and 6’s
  • Boosts immunity, optimizes hormone production, assists in body fat loss
  • Supports cardiovascular and joint health and fights inflammation
1 x Animal Stak
Animal Stak
  • Naturally enhance output of testosterone while lowering estrogen levels
  • Increased muscle mass, endurance, strength, energy, and vitality
  • Better pump, improved blood flow, and stronger muscles

Burn Away Body Fat and Get Ripped

  • Award-Winning Thermogenic Fat Burner

    Animal Cuts, our potent all-in-one thermogenic, includes 17 fat burning agents plus nootropics, thyroid and metabolic support, and appetite suppressant and is available with or without stimulants

  • Cardiovascular Health and Body Fat Loss

    Animal Omega EFA complex features 10 different sources of Omega 3 and 6 and assists with improving lipid profile, cardiovascular health, and body fat loss with a precise ratio of n-3 and n-6 fatty acids including EPA, DHA and CLA

  • Naturally Amplify Testosterone Levels

    Animal Stak elevates your natural testosterone and hormone levels for amplified muscle building and reduces estrogen, and includes clinically studied ingredients such as tribulus, fenugreek, Resveratrol, CoQ10 and more

Frequently asked questions

Is it okay to take Animal Cuts at night?

Animal Cuts does contain 200 mg of caffeine which may affect sleep. This should be taken as instructed. It is okay to split these products up throughout the day however and take Animal Omega and Animal Stak at any time.

How long can I take the Cutting Stack?

These products should be taken on a (3) three-week on (1) one-week off cycle.

Can I take this supplement stack as a pre workout fat burner?

Animal Cuts can be taken as a pre workout given its serving size of caffeine, but it does not contain the same properties as a pre workout. Animal Omega and Animal Stak can be taken at any time of day, before or after training as well.

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Made in the USA

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UL Certified

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