Kennedy Anyanwu

When younger, Kennedy always found himself looking for his place in athletics and felt that no one ever took him seriously. Suddenly after watching “Pumping Iron”,a powerful spark was lit. Kennedy hit the gym hard and never stopped… that is until the 2020 pandemic forced him to. However, the situation ended up being a blessing in disguise – he knew he had this bodybuilding gift and vowed that once the pandemic bans lifted, he would not only return to the gym, but transcend to the bodybuilding stage… and he’s never looked back.In 2021 atthe NPC Delaware Championships, his first ever bodybuilding show, Kennedy took first overall.Not long after, heearned first overall at the 2023 NPC North Americans Championships, solidifying his status as a pro. With bodybuilding as his sanctuary, Kennedy remains motivated by the sport’s ability to conjure “the innate human will to keep going” and will continue utilizing that mantra as he works toward competing for the first time as a pro at the New York Pro in 2025.  


  • 2021 NPC Delaware Championships, 1st place overall
  • 2023 NPC North Americans Championships, 1st place overall