TNT+, the Dynamite Test Booster

TNT+, the Dynamite Test Booster

As the legendary lyrics made famous by the great Metallica remind us, “Time marches on,” and truer words have never been spoken. Many of us join the gym in our teens, and we never leave. What begins as an obsession, usually becomes a lifestyle. Over time, life changes in so many ways, but what we want from our time spent in the gym remains relatively constant. The reality is that, on a fundamental level, the professional bodybuilder and the recreational lifter share many of the same goals. The same can be said for the 20-year-old and the 50-year-old. That’s right. I’ll go as far as to say that nearly every male who steps foot in a gym or picks up a weight wants the same three things: to look good, to feel good, and to be good. ANIMAL has a brand-new product for that.

Generally speaking, I’m not a gambling man. I work hard for my money and once I have it in hand, the two of us are not easily parted. However, I WOULD be willing to lay down a large sum of money on the following. If you walk into ANY gym ANYWHERE ANYTIME and ask the guys working out if they would like to look good, feel good, and be good (function and perform well), you would be hard-pressed to find someone who tells you, “No, thanks.” ANIMAL’s new TNT+ is designed to do just that. How? Keep reading.

As with all ANIMAL formulations to date, TNT+ is a comprehensive formula designed to help achieve a goal from different angles. Let’s talk about the first angle. You want to look good. I want to look good. I don’t know a single guy who when asked if HE would like to look good will say, “No, I would much rather look like shit.” And while you, he, and I might all disagree on exactly what it is to look good, I can say with absolute certainty that regardless of your definition, a healthy testosterone level is a vital part of the equation. Am I saying that you need your test level to be off the chart? That you need enough testosterone to be an Olympia-level pro? No. But a low test level is NEVER conducive to looking your best, no matter what YOUR best happens to be. To that end, ANIMAL has incorporated a potent test-boosting component as the foundation of the TNT+ formula. Trademarked Testofen, Tribulus, Epimedium leaf, and jack root extract combine to form a synergistic and potent testosterone-boosting complex.

Looking good is awesome, arguably the best. However, take it from someone who has been in top competitive condition but FELT like death, it’s also great to feel good. When you’re looking good AND feeling good, it’s a hell of a thing. The next major component of ANIMAL’s comprehensive formulation that is TNT+ is an adaptogen and stress-support complex. We all deal with various levels of stress that we would prefer to live without. Yet, we often forget about the one source of self-inflicted stress we all must effectively recover from and adapt to in order to be productive: TRAINING! The whole reason we go to the gym is to TRAIN the body to respond to the stresses we subject it to in hopes that we will favorably adapt to them. Increased size, strength, speed, agility, and cardiovascular capacity are all examples of adapting favorably to the stresses of training. However, our ability to process those stresses efficiently is highly variable, and the individual who can subject himself to AND EFFECTIVELY ADAPT TO the greatest number of stresses will progress the most. The greater the capacity for adaptation, the greater the potential for improvement in ALL metrics by which we measure the success of our training efforts.

Now, what about BEING good? What does that even mean? Obviously, I worked “being good” into the triad with looking good and feeling good. But really, I’m talking about being healthy and functioning well. Lucky for all of us, ANIMAL has enough foresight and intelligence to recognize that health and proper functioning are not only prerequisites for all other goals, but also that the value of any one of those three factors greatly diminishes if one is compromised or missing. For that exact reason, ANIMAL includes a prostate support component and a complex to drive nitric oxide production and support the circulatory system.

One of ANIMAL’s greatest strengths is and has always been the comprehensive nature of its formulations. It’s one thing to throw a single ingredient into a jar because it produces a singular effect, and it’s another to formulate a powerhouse product capable of supporting an entire state of being. TNT+ carries on the tradition of products designed to support your goals, without losing sight of the big picture. Because of its ability to support the three things that so many of us consider so desirable, TNT+ may just prove itself to be one of ANIMAL’s most fundamental products. And if you happen to know anyone who doesn’t want to look better, perform at a higher level, and do so in the safest way possible, send ‘em my way. I’d like to meet that person. In the meantime, I won’t hold my breath.

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