Is Your Foundation Strong Or Is Your House Ready To Crumble?

Is Your Foundation Strong Or Is Your House Ready To Crumble?

A house can have all the most expensive necessities to combat various storms and ensure that it is weatherproof. This could include a new roof with the best shingles money can buy, the highest-grade insulation to keep the heat and air conditioning in, and state of the art windows that are windproof and hold a good seal. While these are great for their given function of keeping you and the contents of your home safe and comfortable, they are of little use if the foundation of your house is weak, resulting in all these top of the line measures to come cascading down to the ground in a pile of rubble.

It’s no secret that the world has been battling a storm of its own. This storm is not a tempest or a worldwide squall, but has quickly made its way around the world, tearing through countries and continents, leaving millions sick and hundreds of thousands dead. We armed ourselves with personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, gloves, and face shields. We utilized plexiglass in stores to put a barrier between clerk and customer. We protected ourselves from the outside. When we return to the gym, we have to be ready from every and all angles. What’s going to buff us up from the inside out?

The answer is Animal Immune Pak. Loaded with Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Astragalus and Zinc, as well as other key minerals and herbs to support immune health and function, AIP is the total package. It will augment your internal defense armor using proper dosages, and comes in both pack and powder form. This all-in-one packet or powdered scoop is your daily internal defense for when you step out into the world.

Immune Pak is a foundational product that needs to be in your arsenal. Without the foundation of a strong immune system, it doesn’t matter if you sleep with a mask on or wear two pairs of gloves—everything could crumble. If illness bypasses your external armor, you’re going to be left defenseless against an illness that, unfortunately, affects those with compromised immune systems the most. Cover all the bases and stay safe.

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