Animal Greens is designed to supplement your daily greens intake when you might be falling short on what you need.

Animal Greens: When You Take Your Health Seriously

Ever since we were little kids, our parents have preached to us to eat our vegetables. We liked some, hated others. Some of us got them down. Others were essentially forced by their parents to eat them or threatened with the loss of dessert. And while it was a chore to eat our greens because, let’s face it, they’re not sweet like sugar and they’re not savory like a burger, our parents knew that taking in a hearty amount of roughage through vegetables would lead to better health. It would improve our digestion. It could fortify our immune system. There would probably be fewer trips to the pediatrician. It would alkalinize our bodies and reduce inflammation. Overall, we’d be much healthier.

The issue with eating your greens, even though it is something you thoroughly enjoy at the dinner table, is that the recommended amount required to positively affect your body is extremely high. This means you’re going to have to eat a ton of this stuff. It’ll be filling and tedious, and after a while you may start falling short of your intake goal.

Greens powders were created as a solution for this issue. These are greens that have been dried then finely ground up and pulverized into a powder so that you can mix it with water and guzzle it down. This is certainly a viable supplement to add to your normal vegetable intake to get you over the threshold. But what they don’t tell you on the label, which you’ll quickly find out, is that it doesn’t taste great. In fact, it tastes horrible—like you’re drinking a cup of freshly cut grass. Why would you drink something that not only you don’t enjoy but actually despise? Forget it.

Enter Animal Greens. Greens is a greens supplement in pill pack form. Everything that you’d find in a powder can be found in a few capsules and tablets, conveniently packaged together for easy administration. It contains ingredients like kale, spirulina, chlorella, alfalfa, and more. Throwing back a pack of Greens while continuing to eat your whole food vegetables with your meals will cover your daily intake. Besides all of that, it is easy to travel with the packs. No more scooping and bagging each individual powder when you’re on-the-go, and no more horrible aftertaste or green mouth either.

It’s 2021 and people are much more conscious about overall health, their immune system, and making sure their body is operating optimally. It starts with our dietary and living habits and continues on from there. Like your parents told you when you were younger: eat your greens. Take Animal Greens.

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