Powerlifter/Pro Boxer Stefi Cohen talks about how Animal Flex has helped her to support her joint health.

Animal Flex: Joint Support From Powerlifting to Boxing

It’s no secret that my body has taken a beating throughout my athletic career. I’m pretty vocal about all the aches and pains I’ve encountered in the last several years. Heck, I even wrote a book on it.

As a competitive powerlifter, there were days where it hurt to bend over and tie my shoes or get in and out of the car... let alone put 400 pounds on my back and take it for a ride.

Now, as a pro boxer, I’m getting used to a whole new type of soreness. On top of keeping up with my resistance training, the impact of punching bags and sparring for hours on end really adds up. As I get closer to my next big fight in September, the training has only intensified.

I’m grateful that with my background in physical therapy I’ve been able to do as much as I can from a rehabilitation and recovery standpoint. Soft tissue work, sauna time, and “prehab” exercises are great, but they can only do so much when I’m breaking down my tissues five hours a day.

I’ve got all my bases covered to the best of my ability when it comes to managing injuries from the outside in, but what about from the inside out?

Animal Flex is the supplement I take to support these old, creaky joints. Now, I don’t believe in magic bullets, and I certainly don’t buy into snake oils, but this is no snake oil.

Flex is a great source of glucosamine, which is basically the OG joint health supplement. It’s been shown to help alleviate joint pain and may help suppress collagen degradation.

The other ingredients in Flex are also supported by research, including methylsulfonylmethane and its antioxidant properties; turmeric with its anti-inflammatory mechanisms; and boswellia serrata, a compound that is rarely discussed but has a slew of research supporting the positive effects it has as a phytopharmaceutical, including improvements in joint pain and mobility.

I definitely don’t get enough of these ingredients in my daily diet, and neither do you probably.

Flex helps me fill in the gaps so I can keep throwing my hardest punches. It’s part of the oil can that keeps this tin woman going. Do your body a favor and go get yours.


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