More Than a Market

More Than a Market

In town for the 2018 BodyPower Expo, Animals Evan “Ox” Centopani and Vincenzo “Mass” Masone hit the streets of Birmingham, England to do a bit of exploring. Although the British and Americans share some similarities, there are many differences as well. Evan and Vincenzo were looking forward to taking in the culture and tasting the local cuisine at the Bullring Market.

It’s no secret that Evan enjoys a wide variety of food in his diet and is generally willing to try anything once. We’ve seen him eat squid, octopus, beef liver, beef tartare…and the list goes on. Vincenzo, however, is more of a chicken breast, steak, and rice type of guy. As you can imagine, Evan was enjoying every minute while Vincenzo was just trying to keep up.

Their first stop at the market was at the egg stand. Eggs are a staple in most bodybuilders’ diets so Evan and Vincenzo took a special interest in what the egg vendor had to say. She explained that in England, eggs are sold according to weight and size and that they would only find medium, large, and extra large eggs in stores. She also explained that extra large eggs always contain two yolks.

When the guys hit the meat and fish market, they were surprised to find more than just breasts, thighs, tenderloins, and fillets—the usual stuff. They also saw organs, heads, feet, and claws. Turns out that some of those “extra” parts have connective tissue that is loaded with collagen. Collagen is good for hair, skin, nails, and joint health and is not abundant in the muscle tissue that we normally consume as meat. Every part of the animal can benefit you in some way, depending on your goals.

Moving on to the fishmongers, the guys tried in vain to find out how fish and chips became England’s national dish. Although there were a few theories regarding gluttony and geography, no one knew for certain. The mystery would remain unsolved. Evan, never one to pass up the opportunity to down some raw oysters, talked Vincenzo into trying them for the first time. Oysters are rich in B vitamins and minerals and are an extremely healthy food to eat. Vincenzo was apprehensive, but was not about to chicken out in front of Evan. His verdict: not as bad as he thought, but his mouth “tastes like salt water.” It doesn’t seem likely that he will be putting oysters on his menu for the next cheat meal.

The entire day was a successful learning experience for our two Animals. They were able to see and try new foods that they’d otherwise not experience back at home. Bodybuilding can expand your horizons in many ways—you learn new things about your body and about food, but most of all, you learn to step outside of your comfortable bubble.