Letter from CEO

Letter from CEO

To Our Animal Family,

We have been following the latest  coronavirus  developments. We know it can be a stressful and challenging time. In New Jersey, gyms have been shut down and supermarkets are running out of some of the basics like toilet paper, chicken, and eggs. As lifters, we understand your pain. Some of us are only a few months out from the next show (assuming they aren’t canceled), and it feels like everything has been put on hold.

Even so, we’re more than just lifters and athletes. We are part of a company that makes some of the highest quality supplements that you rely on–that we use every single day. We want to share with you the measures we are taking, which is everything possible to ensure the freshness and potency of our products. We have been increasing sanitization standards on shipments being handled and delivered by our great operations and customer service teams.

Clean Facilities & Safe Staff

The CDC is saying, “…Because of poor survivability of these coronaviruses on surfaces, there is likely very low risk of spread from products or packaging that are shipped over a period of days or weeks at ambient temperatures.” It’s unlikely that the virus, assuming it was here in the company, would survive on a surface during the delivery process. As the manufacturer, the buck stops with us. We follow strict GMP rules as mandated by the federal government. For example, our production staff are required to wear special one-time use protective gowns and masks in order to maintain a “clean room” environment. But in times like this, we know we need to go the extra mile.

Therefore, in the past 14 days, we have increased stringency of every single process in production and streamlined what we could. Additionally we: (1) have sent all non-essential employees home to work off-site; (2) isolated essential employees into smaller, separate cells to limit interaction across our campus of buildings; (3) instituted aggressive social distancing measures throughout the company; (4) are more closely monitoring the health of our staff, as well as our suppliers and our partners; (5) will deploy routine temperature monitoring for essential staff involved in manufacturing; (6) have been following an enhanced 24/7 cleaning and sanitation procedure.

Online Ordering

At our company, we keep our production facilities separate from those of our distribution and fulfillment. In fact, these are in completely different locations. When our products like Animal Pak, Animal Flex, or Animal Cuts are made, along with our protein and meal replacement products such as Animal Meal, they are immediately sealed and packaged. These are then efficiently sent to a different building where a small but dedicated team works on your order and makes sure everything goes smoothly. To minimize disruption, we don’t rotate in/out new staff to handle these online orders we ship to you. Everything, from one can of Pak to a t-shirt, is delivered to you following a tightly monitored and controlled process.

We’re Here & We’re Ready with Extended Access

At Universal Nutrition, we were the first to create a customer service team in our industry back in the 1990s staffed by real people, not answering machines. In fact, that staff consisted of competitive athletes who could provide knowledge and insight on everything from training/nutrition to supplementation.

Today, we know you still have questions about training, dieting, and supplementation. During these trying times, maybe you also want to vent. Maybe you just want to talk to a familiar voice. To help, we’ve extended our customer service hours to better serve you, our family. Our Animal Team will be available Monday-Friday from 8AM through 10PM EST at 800-872-0101. Call us about anything. As always, if you prefer, you can still get in touch with us on Instagram (@animalpak), Facebook (@officialanimalpak), and by email (info@animalpak.com).

We are constantly monitoring the situation to see if there is anything else we can do to protect our customers and employees. If you have a suggestion for us, we’d be honored if you’d share it with us by contacting the number above. In these unprecedented and trying times, we appreciate your support in keeping our community safe.

Yours in strength,

Mike Rockoff, CEO, and the rest of the Animal Crew