In the matter of “The World vs. Machine”, a verdict has been reached. The members of the World Court find you, Machine, guilty of being a rabid individualist. Further you are guilty of non-commercialism in the first degree for your failure to buy into the brain sucking bullshit marathon that we have developed to enslave all people of the world. Third and most appalling is the charge of conspiracy to educate and incite people of all ages and races to rise up against the power brokers and professional liars and take control of their own lives. Have you anything to say on your own behalf?

Yeah… Fuck you.

Products and promises, commerce and compromise, haves and have nots, predators and victims--the whole world is bullshit. I can't blame a man for needing to believe in something or needing to become something more than his sad circumstances will allow. I can't blame him for that anymore than I can blame a child for wishing on a star. But, while he's wishing on that star, while he's struggling to become more and reaching higher than those who came before, he must be careful. He must not give in to temptation. He must not buy hope. He must not purchase a promise. He must not believe the lies.

It is so hard to remind yourself that what appears to be a ladder to the stars is really a false path to nothing. The elements needed to build a shelter are tough and rugged and we have known that as men for a long time. Lately though, our vision has been clouded by images of false rewards and short-cuts that are supposed to elevate a man without him having to climb.

“Buy our computer program and you are now equipped to take the world by storm.” Forget about the painful teaching experiences that actually living through events produces. Forget the fact that life is our teacher, not some computer program. "Buy our cars and you will become a dashing heartthrob and be surrounded by beautiful people constantly.” Forget about the fact that truly beautiful people would never flock to a shallow image. Be careful not to purchase a dream. Be careful not to cheat life and all it can teach you. "Read our magazine and do exactly as we say and you will become a three hundred pound beast.” Well, I don't think so.

You can believe the lie if you want to. You can compromise if you think it's best. You can deal in the currency of bullshit if it turns you on, but you can't cheat life. Everybody owes, everybody pays. That's the way it is. Goals don't fall into our laps, houses aren't built out of paper, and dreams aren't realized by buying a fucking car.

We grow to love our chains. We need our confinements. We depend on our masters for crumbs from the feast. I expect people to hate me for my words and my beliefs… People always hate you when you tell them the truth about who they are. I don't mind being hated. It reminds me I'm alive--not a victim, not a slave bound to a master for my own existence. I might not be Mr. Olympia, but I never bought into any of the bullshit they tried to sell me. What I am trying to achieve is far more important to me than some title… I'm trying to live real life on my own terms.