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Looking to burn fat and get that shredded look you’ve been working so hard for? CUTS fat loss supplements make your hard work work harder to melt the fat, lose the weight, and build the muscle. Get a FREE Clear Whey Sample with every purchase. 

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How do bodybuilders cut weight and look so shredded? For one, chiseling out such a physique is both a passion and profession – their lives are literally dedicated to sculpting. Professional bodybuilders are also 100% committed to touching iron on a regular basis and pushing through the urge to skip that next set.


Taking supplements for fat loss, on top of dedication and a well-honed diet, is likewise integral for dissolving body fat and building hyper-pronounced muscles. This approach is one that anyone can achieve, even if weightlifting isn’t what pays your bills.


Let’s breakdown five strategies for how to lose body fat used by elite bodybuilders:


  1.       Stick to a dedicated diet – Balancing out your nutritional needs is key. You need to lock in your optimum macronutrient intake and fine-tune your micros. Eating the right macros is how to cut weight for bodybuilding, while micronutrients will continue working throughout the day to boost your metabolism, energy, focus, and immune health. All of which help cut fat.

  3.       Count calories – You can’t optimize what you don’t measure. And measuring your caloric intake will help you optimize your diet and ensure you’re always burning more fat than you’re putting on.

  5.       Focus on more gains – In simple terms, the more muscle you build, the more fat you burn. Depending on your goals, strive to keep upping the weight or reps you’re lifting

  7.       Take supplements to reduce body fat – Naturally thermogenic fat loss supplements help your body literally burn fat cells at a higher rate. This will give you the edge you need to get the results you want, faster.

  9.       Rest, rest, rest – Don’t be a couch potato, but make sure you’re getting sufficient rest following intense workouts so your muscles recover and grow and your metabolism can boil fat overnight.