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Looking to burn fat and get that shredded look you’ve been working so hard for? CUTS fat loss supplements make your hard work work harder to melt the fat, lose the weight, and build the muscle.

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Frequently asked questions

What Supplements Should I Take for Fat Loss?

Aim for supplements that increase metabolic function while decreasing appetite. This is important for burning off current unwanted fat and avoiding putting it on with overeating. Any version of Animal Cuts will work. Those sensitive to stimulants should opt for NS, our non-stim cutting supplement.

Which Is the Best Fat Loss Supplement Stack?

The ultimate stack combines Animal Cuts with EAA supplements and a hormone booster or recovery supplement. This way you amplify fat loss while fueling your body with other key inputs for more productive workouts.

When Should I Take Fat Loss Supplements?

Timing your intake can optimize the effectiveness of fat loss supplements. Generally, taking them in the morning or before workouts can enhance their fat-burning and energy-boosting effects, ensuring you're primed for performance. Opt for non-stim fat burners if you workout at night.

Fat Loss Supplements: The Bodybuilders Secret to Shedding Body Fat

What Supplements Should I Take For Fat Loss?

In our athletic pursuits, understanding how to effectively eliminate unhelpful body fat is paramount for achieving goals. Strategies for burning fat cells extend beyond the gym doors, encompassing diet, training, and strategic supplementation.


Taking supplements for fat loss is nothing new. Professional and amateur bodybuilders alike, as well as everyday fitness enthusiasts, regularly turn to supplementation as a way to highlight their cut physique, trim down stubborn fat stores, or lose unnecessary weight.


Fat loss supplements come in clutch for athletes who need trim fat percentages, excess weight, and/or naturally chisel themselves a ripped physique with popping vascularity. They’re used by professionals, die-hard fitness junkies, and weekend warriors alike.


While there are certainly recommendations we strongly suggest you follow when taking supplements for fat loss, they are generally considered safe for most people. There are two points that are good to keep in mind when deciding if fat loss supplements are for you:

How do bodybuilders cut weight and look so shredded?

1. Your goals for losing fat. Having targeted goals is crucial for effective workouts, supplementation, and progress.

2. Do fat loss supplements complement or contrast your fitness routine.


For instance, some supplements athletes turn to for fat trimming have strong stimulants in them, which can affect sleep patterns when taken at night. And sense sleep and rest are critical to building healthy muscles and maintaining good energy levels, we recommend a good non-stim fat burner, like Animal Cuts NS.

Another thing to remember about supplements designed to help you lose fat is that they fall into the category of cutting supplements, which may not be advantageous for people looking to bulk up and add mass.

They are however a secret weapon for toning down to a “competition weight” or for anyone who’s fairly close to the body they want and just need a boost to shed a few points off their body fat percentage.

Here's your comprehensive overview to sculpting the body you've always wanted.


For one, chiseling out such a physique is both a passion and profession – their lives are literally dedicated to sculpting. Professional bodybuilders are also 100% committed to touching iron on a regular basis and pushing through the urge to skip that next set.


Taking supplements for fat loss, on top of dedication and a well-honed diet, is likewise integral for dissolving body fat and building hyper-pronounced muscles. This approach is one that anyone can achieve, even if weightlifting isn’t what pays your bills.


Let’s breakdown five strategies for how to lose body fat used by elite bodybuilders:


  1.       Stick to a dedicated diet – Balancing out your nutritional needs is key. You need to lock in your optimum macronutrient intake and fine-tune your micros. Eating the right macros is how to cut weight for bodybuilding, while micronutrients will continue working throughout the day to boost your metabolism, energy, focus, and immune health. All of which help cut fat.

  3.       Count calories – You can’t optimize what you don’t measure. And measuring your caloric intake will help you optimize your diet and ensure you’re always burning more fat than you’re putting on.

  5.       Focus on more gains – In simple terms, the more muscle you build, the more fat you burn. Depending on your goals, strive to keep upping the weight or reps you’re lifting

  7.       Take supplements to reduce body fat – Naturally thermogenic fat loss supplements help your body literally burn fat cells at a higher rate. This will give you the edge you need to get the results you want, faster.

  9.       Rest, rest, rest – Don’t be a couch potato, but make sure you’re getting sufficient rest following intense workouts so your muscles recover and grow and your metabolism can boil fat overnight.

When you’ve got your sights on serious gains, being strategic pays dividends. It's not just about lifting weights; it's about lifting smarter, pushing harder, and fueling your body with the precise nutrients it needs to transform effort into mass. But when the basics of power-focused routines and meticulous dieting aren't enough to overcome painstaking plateaus, supplements for muscle growth become your greatest ally, arming you with the energy, strength, and recovery to push you beyond your current limits.


Gaining muscle is an art and science. It requires more than just the desire to bulk up. It's about sculpting a physique that's not only bigger but also stronger, more resilient, and equipped with the endurance to outlast any challenge—including tests of age. The key? A strategic arsenal of muscle gain supplements, carefully selected to fill the nutritional chasms in your diet and propel you to new heights of strength and mass.


Seeing real gains requires giving it your all every minute of every workout. A power-focused exercise routine and proper diet are critical to hitting your goals, but sometimes it’s just not enough to see the results you’re thirsty for. Taking supplements for muscle growth can be incredibly helpful for overcoming plateaus and maximizing your efforts with the iron.


Gaining more muscle isn’t just about putting on more mass, it’s also about maximizing strength, enhancing recovery, and getting an extra edge from key supplements. Knowing which muscle gain supplements to add to your diet is a matter of identifying gaps in your diet with specific regard to strength and mass gains.


  •        Creatine Monohydrate – Creatine is arguably one of the best supplements for muscle gain and strength. Creatine rapidly ignites energy levels for longer, sustained workouts. It also helps you recover better from intense exertion, and increases muscle size and fullness when taken regularly.

  •       Whey Protein Powder – Not getting ample protein in your diet is not an option for anyone looking to build serious muscle. Protein powders can make a massive difference in your gains, especially if you don’t have access to high-quality protein from real food sources.


  •       Testosterone Boosters – Testosterone directly contributes to bigger, fuller muscles. Taking supplements to naturally elevate testosterone levels can help maximize muscle hypertrophy and strength. Look for test boosters with natural ingredients to hone your focus.


  •       Rest & Recovery Supplements – Forget your beauty sleep, you want muscle-building sleep. These bodybuilding supplements are designed for maximum muscle recovery during periods of deep rest, which allow your muscles to build back stronger and bigger after hardcore workouts.



How To Lose Body Fat

Creatine Monohydrate: The Powerhouse

Whether you just want to appear healthier and highlight the fruit of your iron-wielding labor, or want to trim down to a competitive body fat percentage for bodybuilding, there are three pillars on which to build your fat loss strategy.


Clean Up Your Diet

Achieving a lean physique starts in the kitchen. A clean, balanced diet is crucial for reducing body fat, emphasizing whole foods that fuel your body while keeping calories in check.


Foods That Help Reduce Body Fat:

•Lean proteins (chicken, fish, tofu) to support muscle maintenance and growth

•Green vegetables (spinach, kale, broccoli) for fiber and micronutrients

•Whole grains (quinoa, brown rice) for sustained energy

•Healthy fats (avocado, nuts) to promote satiety and hormone health

•Fruits (berries, apples) for natural sweetness and antioxidants


Train Right

Combining resistance training with aerobic exercises is non-negotiable for cutting fat. Resistance training builds muscle, increasing your resting metabolic rate, while cardio accelerates fat loss by burning calories and improving heart health.


Strategic with Your Supplements

How do bodybuilders cut weight? Supplements are a big part of that equation. Taking supplements to reduce body fat can significantly bolster your efforts to lose body fat, providing targeted support for metabolism, energy, and appetite control. Animal offers three professionally formulated and tested supplements for fat loss:

1. Animal Cuts (Pill Pack): A comprehensive solution targeting all aspects of fat loss, from metabolism to water retention.

2. Animal Cuts (Powder): Offers the same powerful formula as the pill pack, in a convenient, mixable form for those who prefer a drink.

3. Animal Cuts Non-Stim Powder: Tailored for those sensitive to stimulants, providing a potent fat-burning solution without the caffeine.


How Do Fat Loss Supplements Work

Animal's fat-cutting supplements are engineered to attack body fat from multiple angles. They boost metabolism, enhance thermogenesis (the body's process of burning calories to produce heat), and provide appetite suppression. Ingredients like caffeine and green tea extract stimulate your metabolic rate, while natural diuretics help reduce excess water weight, revealing the muscle definition beneath.


Thermogenic & metobolic complexes  

Most fat loss supplements contain thermogenic ingredients, or mixtures of ingredients called “complexes”, which ignite your metabolism and burn fat. These complexes charge your body with a burst of sustainable energy that fuels you through tough workouts while working overtime to singe hard to cut fat stores.


Brain Boosters  

The best of the best supplements for losing fat take things a bit further. Animal Cuts, for instance, incorporates nootropics and cortisol-inhibiting complexes to heighten focus and alertness, while cutting down on stress.


Controlled Appetite 

The best way to eliminate unneeded fat is to not put it on in the first place. Key appetite suppressants like CCK boosters come in clutch for avoiding unnecessary cravings and eliminating those pesky extra percentages of body fat that just don’t seem to burn off with regular dieting and exercise.


Diuretic complexes and thyroid support 

Finding your body weight’s secret hiding places helps further tighten and tone your physique. Diuretic and thyroid support complexes help your body naturally shed excess water weight without pulling down the size of your muscles or intensity of your pump.


Scientific Benefits of Taking Supplements to Reduce Body Fat

For Physique  

Accumulated fat is what hides the definition of our muscles. Reducing fat stores removes the “cushioning” of fat that gives off a soft look. Fat loss supplements, on the other hand, contribute significantly to achieving a lean, defined physique. By enhancing fat metabolism and reducing appetite, they support sustained fat loss, crucial for unveiling muscle definition and achieving a competition-ready body.


On Gym Performance  

Reduced body fat leads to improved gym performance. Less weight can mean increased speed, endurance, and agility, allowing you to train harder and longer, further amplifying your results.


On Overall Health 

Beyond aesthetics, shedding excess body fat has profound health benefits, including improved cardiovascular health, reduced risk of chronic diseases, and better hormonal balance, contributing to an enhanced quality of life.


Diuretic complexes and thyroid support 

Finding your body weight’s secret hiding places helps further tighten and tone your physique. Diuretic and thyroid support complexes help your body naturally shed excess water weight without pulling down the size of your muscles or intensity of your pump.