The Ultimate Training Pack Just Got Better

The Ultimate Training Pack Just Got Better

How and Why We've Updated the Animal Pak Formula

Stagnation, by definition, is the lack of activity, growth, or movement. History was never made by those who remain stagnant, but by those who are constantly striving to improve, progress, and innovate. Winners are always looking for ways to improve. They could be small measures or large leaps, but they recognize that any progress is good progress. The same goes for the supplement game, and that's why we've updated the Animal Pak formula.

In a hyper-competitive and ever-changing industry, we pride ourselves on being a major player for over four decades, but success like this doesn’t come from putting out a few products and resting on our laurels until the end of time. It comes from constant research and development, staying on top of the latest findings regarding ingredients, and constantly evaluating and optimizing our formulas to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. That’s our commitment to our customers, and what has led to the evolution of our flagship product, Animal Pak.

Animal Pak, “The True Original”, debuted in 1983. We say it’s “The True Original” because frankly, it was the first training pack to hit the market. We were the first to take vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, immune and liver support and combine them into a convenient, all-in-one, pack serving. Gone were the days of buying 52 separate bottles and piecing it together yourself. We did the legwork for you. It was so successful that it spurred on the inception of an entire brand of pack products. That brand is Animal.

Since the beginning, Pak has undergone several changes and adjustments, both formula related as well as cosmetic. We always strived for Animal Pak to have the most potent dosages of the most important components. We’re proud to announce that Pak has leveled up, once again.

So, what’s different? It’s still a comprehensive all-in-one training pack containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, digestive enzymes, antioxidants and much more, but we’ve made key changes by adding a liver support complex and an energy/focus complex. On top of that, we buffed up the digestive abilities and increased Vitamins D, B12 and K. The new version of Pak will also feature updated tablet technology that allows for a smaller tablet size.

None of these decisions are arrived at in haste. There isn’t just one person at our facility that makes a decision to change a formula. There is a whole team of researchers viewing up-to-date studies on how ingredients interact and determining what changes could be made. But, we don’t stop there. After we work these suggestions into our Animal Pak core, we bring it to the fans by setting up an official Alpha Testing Program (ATP). which we called “Project Pak”. Here we gave our customers, athletes, ambassadors, and staff members a chance to test out the new prototype to see if it lived up to their lofty expectations. The results of the “Project Pak” ATP were an overwhelming success. It confirmed that we had a winner on our hands. Now, months later, here we are.

An unwavering desire to always have the top product in every category mixed with the skills of professionals with years of experience have kept the Animal brand in a constant state of improvement. You don’t stand at the top for over four decades by accident. It’s a calculated vision and that’s what lead us to the updated Animal Pak formula.

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