The Build: Guidelines for the Rack

The Build: Guidelines for the Rack

Preparation is fundamental to anyone hoping to attain their physique related goals. The word “prep” has become so overused that it’s actually easy to forget that it is short for preparation. Take food prep and contest prep, for example. We set aside time to prepare food in advance. Why? Efficiency is part of it, but it’s mainly so that we can repeat day after day of proper eating with no missed or imperfect meals. The entire concept of contest preparation is based on having what you need come the day of the show: a dialed in, competitive physique. Ultimately, preparation is about having what you need when you need it.

While I don’t think any of us ever truly anticipated the day where we wouldn’t have access to a gym, it absolutely never hurts to be self-reliant. Whether you coach yourself for a show, cook your own food, or have your own equipment, taking things into your own hands eliminates excess links in the chain and leaves fewer opportunity for things to go wrong. If you’re willing to accept that responsibility, there’s a really good chance that you will find it both rewarding and empowering.

More people are interested in putting together home gyms and making their own equipment than ever due to the Covid-19 virus shutting down gyms across the country. I’ve been tagged on social media countless times by individuals who have watched “The Build” series—where I make my own power rack—in an attempt to either show me their own creations or those of others. Honestly, it’s been awesome to see. Just the same, I have received email after email and DM after DM asking me if any formal plans for my rack have ever been posted online. Since they have not, I put together both a video and accompanying diagrams with written measurements so that you can make your own power rack.

Below are front and side scale drawings with measurements, as well as an alphabetized list of measurements that corresponds with the drawings. More importantly, make sure you watch the accompanying video because I go over all the measurements and provide you with as much insight as possible so that you can either duplicate my build or build your very own.

placeholder image 1 for The Buildplaceholder image 2 for The Build

A. Total height of rack = 84 ¼”

B. Length of upright post = 84”

C. Total Width of rack at top = 48 ½”

D. Length of cross piece = 42”

E. Thickness of plate (3”W x 7”L) used on feet of the rack and to connect cross pieces = ¼”

F. Length of plate used on feet of the rack and to connect cross pieces = 7”

G. Total width of rack at the base including feet = 52 ½”

H. Distance from base of rack to center of first hole = 24”

I. Distance from top of rack to center of final hole = 12” (note: holes spaced 2” on center)

J. Total height of rack = 84 ¼”

K. Length of upright post = 84”

L. Total width/depth of rack from the side = 48”

M. Length of cross piece = 42”

N. Distance between bottom of the rack and cross piece = 3 ¼”

O. Thickness of foot plate = ¼” (3”W x 7”L x ¼” thick)

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