Fuck Everything Else

Fuck Everything Else

The unmotivated. The weak. The ones that always have an excuse for why they have not yet reached their goals. You know the type of person I’m talking about. The “could have been”, the “should have been”, the “almost was something” type. Are you one of them? Or do you grab your dreams by the balls, take control of what you want, and go after it? Do you have the heart, determination, drive, persistence, perseverance, and that animal lust for that which will undeniably be yours one day? Do you want to be big? Strong? Can you muster up enough drive and ambition every time you are in the gym to give your all? Can you mentally say fuck the world and everything in it cuz all that exists right now is this weight I am about to move, no matter what?

Listen up brothers. Motivation is the key to anything in life. In the world of iron, only the motivated will survive. There is nothing like the feeling of adrenaline coursing through your veins like a jacked up hydraulic pump making you shake, sweat, and filling you with anger and rage right before a heavy lift. It’s the fucking best. I love it. You have to love it. If you don’t you should probably go buy a fitness magazine and read up on the latest to firm up that fat ass of yours. Did I say that? Sorry, I guess that may have been a little rough, but fuck it, so is training like an Animal.

Moving iron takes motivation. Growing to those sick proportions of the ones we consider freaks takes motivation. Some of my favorite motivators are heavy music, new gyms, and different training partners to bang heads and compete with while training. Training with someone who is stronger and much more developed is a great motivator. Lastly and probably the most powerful motivator for me is finding that one thought that enrages me enough to rip someone’s arms and legs off.

I won’t share my thoughts, cuz they are mine and may be a little twisted, but they work for me. What’s life like without a spine? I don’t know cuz I have one. I imagine it would be a life full of fear of failing to the point that you are a doormat for anyone who wants to wipe his feet on you. Are you willing to let others wipe their feet on you? Can you find a way to light a fire in you to make you push? Take a look at some of the most successful people in the world and they are all motivated. Shit, even some of the worlds most notorious criminals have motivation to act out they way they do. One truly motivated person can inspire everyone around them.

Right now you are probably thinking how the fuck is this article going to help motivate me? Here’s how, man. I want you to pick a goal. Whether it’s a few extra pounds to a heavy lift, or a few extra inches of muscle on your body, take a look at what you want. Be realistic cuz you are never going to put on 100 pounds of solid muscle in a month no matter how motivated you are. Now ask yourself, “Why did I pick this goal?” Is it cuz you want to impress some hottie? Maybe it’s cuz you are tired of being the fat guy? Or is it cuz you want to break records in competitions and look like a fucking animal? The reason for picking the goal is the same thing that should motivate you.

Take the lead out of your dirty underwear and get moving. Not tomorrow, today. Don’t put it off. Get to work now. Believe in yourself and go get what you want. No, don’t just go get it. Attack it and take it cuz it’s yours. Take it cuz you know that in your heart if you don’t, you will never forget that it was there all along for the taking and you just bitched up and let it go. You have to be able to look yourself in the mirror everyday of your life. How is it going to feel if you let goals and aspirations pass you by? Love it, live it, be it...

One thing I love about what I do is that I knew all along in my life that it was exactly what I wanted to do. I never let anyone tell me different. I remember when I first started to compete as an adult and having family members say, “Why are you still doing that?” I have some very successful people in my family but mostly “could have beens” and “should have beens”. They never took what they wanted. Most of them thought I was wasting my time. It’s funny how those same people now brag about me being in a magazine or on TV for the nationals. They doubt me no more! This is fuel for me. I am different. Are you?

Can you say that when you were 16 and you wanted to be huge, win titles and compete for pro status, that you actually followed through? I can. I’m not saying this to brag but it’s a great feeling when you can say I had a dream and instead of letting it go like everyone else, I actually went for it at all costs. I hope that it motivates and shows my kids, once I have some, that if you really want anything bad enough, you can reach it. Picking a competition and training, dieting, sacrificing, all seem hard at the time, but when you nail that fucking title to the wall and claim it as your own, it’s the best feeling in the world. And no one can take that away from you.

So what’s inside you? This is it. This is the time. There is only now. Tomorrow is a dream and a day away. Can you go after what you want? Yes, only if you are motivated. The real question is, are you? Or do you believe that tomorrow will come and bring the motivation with it? Yeah well while you are waiting for tomorrow, I will be doing heavy squats and deads today to turn pro while you are watching me do so on TV. Animals? Yes, at Animalpak.com we are. Why? Cuz we go after what we want and we don’t wait for tomorrow to bring us motivation.

Be real. Don’t be fake. Be smart. Don’t waste your time. Find that spark inside you and make it the biggest fucking fire around. Let it burn out of control. Take control of your destination and never give it up. Stop making excuses. Make it work. All the pleasures in life cannot compare to living your dream. If you dream of being big, strong, lifting heavy, competing, and winning then go do it. Get off your ass. The only thing that I fear is the thought that one day I may not have a dream, so I will not let this one go until I get all that I want. Take it. Be an Animal. Fuck everything else.