Test Explosion Stack

Build Strength and Muscle Fast


For intense training athletes looking to increase strength and muscle mass, the six-week cycle of Test Explosion Stack is the most potent and anabolic (muscle-building) stack within the Animal product line. Phase... Read More
1 x Animal Test
Animal Test
  • Supports increased muscle strength, size, and performance
  • Works to increase both testosterone output and utilization
  • Aids in workout recovery, joint health, and growth of muscle tissue
1 x Animal Stak
Animal Stak
  • Naturally enhance output of testosterone while lowering estrogen levels
  • Increased muscle mass, endurance, strength, energy, and vitality
  • Better pump, improved blood flow, and stronger muscles
1 x Animal M-Stak
Animal M
  • Promotes muscle gains and naturally boosts hormone levels
  • Increases protein synthesis, nutrient absorption, and nitrogen retention
  • Helps to reduce stress and improve carbohydrate metabolism
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The Stack to Increase Strength and Muscle Mass Fast

Our Most Potent and Anabolic (Muscle-Building) Stack

Anabolic compounds designed to amplify natural testosterone levels with tribulus, fenugreek, and an amino acid blend to help prevent protein breakdown and muscle loss, plus estrogen lowering abilities

Super Simple 6-Week Muscle Building Cycle

Start out with once-per-day Stak and Test for 3 weeks, switch to a daily pack of M-Stak for the next 3 weeks, then repeat the cycle to maximize your gains and see big results from your training regimen

Advanced Formulas with Ingredients that Work

The combination of Stak, Test, and M-Stak, when used as directed and in combination with an appropriate muscle-building weightlifting routine, delivers scientifically studied ingredients that are known to produce results

Frequently asked questions

Can I take Animal Test as a drug tested athlete?

Yes, Animal Test will promote naturally producing testosterone in the body and is considered an “over the counter” supplement.

How long can I take this stack?

You should take Animal Test and Animal Stak together on a 3-week cycle. Once completed, begin taking Animal M-Stak on its own for an additional 3 weeks.

Can I take the Test Explosion Stack as a female athlete?

Technically, yes, but keep in mind this is primarily a hormone-boosting stack designed for men.


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