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Animal Nitro

Essential Amino Acids with BCAA Supplement


Animal Nitro uses ratios of specific and proven Essential Amino Acids (EEAs) that are modeled after human muscle tissues, to ensure superior and rapid absorption, with a full spectrum of BCAA’s for... Read More
  • 6000mg of 100% uncoupled EAA’s per pack
  • Enhances muscle growth, prevents muscle breakdown
  • Delivers the correct dose of aminos for maximum absorption
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Scientifically Formulated Based on the Human Muscle Protein Complex

Research-backed Ratios of EAA’s Based on HMPC

Optimal formula with 6000mg of 100% uncoupled EAA’s ensure superior and rapid absorption

The Key to Bigger and Stronger Muscle

Build new muscle mass, and recover faster, by enhancing protein synthesis

Boosts Anabolism and Prevents Catabolism

Actively boosts muscle growth while helping to protect your muscles from breaking down

Perfect Grab-and-Go Essential Amino Acid Supplement

Get your EEA’s and BCAA ’s and in convenient packs for anytime and anywhere

Frequently asked questions

I'm dieting, can Animal Nitro help?

Whether you're dieting, bulking, or maintaining, Animal Nitro can help. For dieters, Animal Nitro can help keep energy levels up as some of the aminos in Animal Nitro have the ability to be oxidized (used for energy). These aminos can also exert anti-catabolic effects, helping to preserve lean mass during calorie-restriction. Gainers can get key aminos delivered fast without all the extra calories, and Animal Nitro won't leave you feeling full or bloated. In addition, there are no artificial flavors which could interfere with digestion or fat loss.

How many mg of BCAAs does Animal Nitro contain?

Each pack of Animal Nitro contains 4065 mg of BCAAs.

How many pills does 1 pack of Animal Nitro contain?

Animal Nitro contains 9 capsules. You should take all the capsules in one sitting for proper effectiveness.

Does Animal Nitro have BCAAs?

Absolutely. Each pack contains 4065 mg of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). There is a wealth of information on the benefits of BCAAs, which are a part of a larger spectrum of amino acids called essential amino acids (EAAs). We modeled our Human Muscle Protein Complex (tm) after actual human muscle protein with a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Matching an amino supplement to the amino protein profile of human muscle can yield optimal results.


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