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Effort and determination come naturally to you and now it’s time to focus on how to build power and explosive strength. These workout supplements are designed to make your hard work work harder and your gains more noticeable. Get a FREE Clear Whey Sample with every purchase. 

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Frequently asked questions

How to Know If Your Workouts Are Working?

Determining the effectiveness of your workouts boils down to tracking progress across several key metrics. Strength gains, endurance levels, and physical changes in muscle size and body composition are tangible signs that your regimen is on point. Take notice of improvements in how many reps you can do, how much weight you can lift, or how quickly you recover post-workout. These indicators signal that your body is responding, growing stronger and more resilient.

How Long to See Workout Results?

The timeline for witnessing tangible results from your workouts varies, largely depending on consistency, workout intensity, and nutrition—including supplementation. Generally, with a disciplined approach, incorporating both strength training and proper nutrition, visible changes can start to appear within 4 to 6 weeks. Remember, the journey with Animal is about sustainable progress, not overnight miracles.

What Supplements Should I Take for Working Out?

Pur supplements for better performance are all incredibly helpful for working out, getting stronger, and building bigger musculature. The one(s) you choose will depend on your fitness goals and nutritional needs. Add in creatine for improved strength and power, amino acids for enhanced recovery, and a pre-workout to maximize energy and focus during your sessions.

What Are the Best Workout Supplements?

The best workout supplements are those that meet your specific goals and nutritional needs, providing the support required to push your limits. Animal's lineup of performance-based workout supplements stands out for quality, efficacy, and results. Our top picks for better performance include:

• Animal Pak: The ultimate training pack, providing comprehensive nutritional support to cover all your bases.
• Animal Primal: A loaded pre-workout with all the goods you need to get more gains.
• Animal Juiced Aminos: A potent amino acid supplement to support muscle health and performance.
• Animal Creatine: For boosting power, performance, recovery, and focus.

By choosing Animal, you're selecting supplements that are backed by science and proven by results, ensuring you're always at the top of your game.

How To Get Stronger With Workout Supplements

You’ve got your goals and are committed to crushing them. Let’s cover some basic workout and supplementation know-how to make sure you’re set up for success.


How do workout supplements work?

Workout supplements fill in gaps in your nutritional intake. Your body may be lacking macros, like protein, or micros like BCAAs. Taking supplements can give your body more of what it needs to perform at a higher level.


What are the best workout supplements?

Supplements aren’t a one-scoop-serves-all secret to maximum gains. Your needs will be based on your health and your goals, like cutting fat or recovering more effectively. Regardless of your goals, seek out high-quality products that have been tested and approved by third parties for quality and purity.


How to know if your workouts are working

Inseparable from workout supplements are your workouts in general. Knowing whether your workouts are working out comes down to essentially one thing: measuring your gains.


Simple metrics to track bodybuilding improvements:

  1.        Measure strength improvements: Set performance baselines to measure workout progress. You can set baselines from past performance to measure progress to date or set them today to measure your gains going forward.

  3.        Monitor endurance and recovery: Don’t just track how much you put up, but also how hard you get put down. Monitoring energy and strength levels after intense workouts and how long it takes you to get back to 100% may illuminate areas for improvement and supplementation.

  5.        Track body weight metrics: Strength is just one performance metric. If you’re looking to get shredded, measure your body fat percentage. If you’re looking to bulk up, bust out the tape measure and track gains in your targeted muscle groups.

Following these tips will help keep your progress on track and let you know if you need to add or change up your workout supplements or routine in general.