Olympia Prep Supplement Stack

Olympia Prep Supplement Stack

Ever wonder what the top guys use going into the biggest shows of the year? Derek Lunsford breaks down in detail his Mr. Olympia prep supplement stack. Are you taking what the big dogs are taking?

Pre Workout Meal:

Animal Whey

I take Animal Whey pre workout. My favorite way to take it is with cream of rice, coconut oil, and just a little bit of water to make a “mug cake.”

My entire pre workout meal consists of 25g protein from Animal Whey (1 scoop), 25g carbs from cream of rice, and 8g coconut oil. I combine Animal Whey, cream of rice, and water into a coffee mug—the consistency of the mixture should be almost like a batter, but not too runny—and microwave it for 1 minute. If I add more water, it may take a few seconds longer to rise into a cake like form. If I put in less water, it may take less time to rise. Once you mix these up a time or two, you will get the hang of how much water you want to add and how long you should microwave it. After I’ve made the “cake,” I add the coconut oil. Mix up the whole thing real well and you have a perfect pre workout meal that digests easily and gives quality nutrients for optimal performance in the gym. I’ve tried all flavors and none of them disappoint. My favorites are Brownie Batter, Red Velvet, and Frosted Cinnamon Bun. Try them out and see which one you like best.

Pre Workout:

Animal Pak Powder + Animal Flex Powder + Juiced Aminos

This is my favorite mixed drink. Since I’m drinking this pre workout along with other supplements and my pre workout meal, I don’t want to feel bloated as I’m walking into the gym to train. I mix up 1 scoop Animal Pak Powder with 1/2 scoop Animal Flex Powder and a 1/2 scoop of Animal Juiced Aminos. It’s perfect because they all come in orange flavor and tastes like a drink from my childhood, “Sunny D.” It’s refreshing and gives me vital micro nutrients, joint support, and Essential Amino Acids along with BCAAs to quickly support muscle recovery. So before training, I’m already primed and ready to build muscle.

Amino Octane

I usually take Animal Fury pre workout, but for prep I like to take Amino Octane or Spiked Aminos for energy. When I’m trying to get ultra shredded, I take fat burners one to two times a day, so adding more caffeine and stimulants isn’t necessarily a great idea. But, I find that 1 scoop of Amino Octane and Spiked Aminos have just the right amount of energy for me to push through the workout. It has a combination of ingredients beyond just caffeine to increase performance in training, as well as ingredients to help support cognitive function and focus. It even has extra amino acids to support muscle recovery. A win for me when I need a pick me up, but don’t want the high doses that are in Animal Fury. Plus, the Peach Mango flavor Amino Octane is delicious.

Intra Workout:

Juiced Aminos + Creatine + Carbo Plus

The intra workout shake is probably the most essential when it comes to supplements that support training. Juiced Aminos is my number one, go-to product for quality BCAAs and Essential Amino Acids. I add creatine and carbohydrates from Carbo Plus to the Juiced Aminos to enhance my performance, stamina, and pumps in the gym. Three scoops of Juiced Aminos, 5-10g of creatine, and 25g to 50g carbs mixed up in a shake is perfect for me to train at my best and not burn out halfway through my training.

Post Workout:

Animal Nitro

Since I have a 30-45 minute drive from the gym to my home, I like to take 2 packs of Animal Nitro immediately after training. Nitro is 100 percent Essential Amino Acids that support muscle recovery. By the time I get home, they are digested and fueling the muscle. Once I’m home, I make my post workout meal.placeholder image 1 for Olympia Prep Supplement Stack

Post Workout Meal:

Ultra Iso Whey + Glutamine

My post workout meal may change depending on the amount of carbohydrates I need each day, but the protein stays consistent. I always do 75g protein from Ultra Iso Whey and 5-10g glutamine post workout. Like I do with the pre workout mug cake, I mix Ultra Iso Whey with water, cream of rice, and glutamine powder, then microwave it for about 1 minute. Instead of adding coconut oil, I like to add sugar free jelly to the mix once it’s been made into a cake. My favorite combo is Vanilla Ultra Iso Whey with raspberry sugar free jelly. To me, it tastes like raspberry cheesecake. Try it and judge for yourself.

Health and Wellness:

Animal Pak + Animal Flex

Yes, I take Animal Pak Powder and Animal Flex Powder, but I don’t take the full dose in powder form. To get the full dose, I take one pack of each with a meal mid day.

Fat Burner:

Animal Cuts

When you’re trying to get shredded, taking a good quality fat burner is a great way to kick up the calorie burning. During the week, I would train early in the morning and do cardio mid afternoon. The weekends I took completely off from training to help calm the nervous system and reduce cortisol levels accumulated throughout the week of training. So instead of allowing myself to not progress in the two days away from the gym, I made sure to add in extra cardio, reduce carbohydrates, and took Animal Cuts before fasted cardio. Animal Cuts contains several components to burn fat and optimize insulin sensitivity, but the energy you get from it isn’t overbearing.placeholder image 3 for Olympia Prep Supplement Stack

Sleep/Recovery Support:

Animal PM + ZMA Pro

Many bodybuilders don’t think about rest and recovery. Having good quality sleep is crucial for many reasons. Lack of sleep can not only hinder muscle growth, but can also bring fat burning to a screeching halt. When you miss out on sleep/rest, your body can’t rejuvenate itself for the next day. It takes several hours of sleep to reduce elevated cortisol levels that could be causing you to miss out on the gains you are trying to make. I consistently take sleep aids to help me get the quality rest I need for recovery. Animal PM and ZMA Pro have been a staple in my sleep stack. One pack of Animal PM and a double dose of ZMA Pro is a great combo for me to rejuvenate my body for the next day.