MASS and Rex Sculpting Shoulders at FIBO

MASS and Rex Sculpting Shoulders at FIBO

You know that feeling you get after smashing some weights in the gym—that muscle fatigue and depletion, but satisfaction knowing you just killed it? Now imagine that feeling twice a day. Being tired and sore, you’d probably be good with just sleeping and eating the rest of the day. Now let’s turn it up a notch. Could you handle three training sessions in 24 hours? Would you even dare attempt that? Do you have what it takes to be an Animal?

Throwing pain and jet lag aside, packing up that soreness and saying fuck it, Roman “Rex” Fritz and Vincenzo “MASS” Masone decide to go in for their third workout within 24 hours at Simply Fitness in Germany. It’s 9:00 pm and shoulders are on the menu for these two Animals. Doing three grueling superset rotations, five intense sets back to back, isn’t going to be pretty. If you aren’t planning on lifting your arms above your head for the next few days, grab a notepad because this workout is no joke.

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Starting off this session, MASS leads with a powerful shoulder building superset of heavy dumbbell overhead presses right into “forced negative side raises.” These modified side laterals are basically the same as a traditional dumbbell side lateral, but on the way down Rex has MASS put pressure on the top of his arms to exhaust the muscle and make the negative part of the movement more difficult. Over and over, they blasted these five sets to complete failure until they were unable to move their arms. These guys are not here to play and quickly set the tone for a hardcore shoulder session.

Next, they decide to give the Nautilus machine and some free weights a beat down. They start with a reverse pec dec movement that allows them to put full isolation on their rear delts by taking out any hand activation. This machine allows you to drive just with your elbows, which helps if you have any joint pain in your hands or wrists. Obviously, this doesn’t bring enough pain to these Animals so they pick up a 55 lb plate and bang out front raises from their quads straight to the ceiling. Again, five crazy sets back to back, these guys only know one way to train—and it isn’t light.

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Rex and MASS aren’t done yet. Do you think you can finish this session with them? The last superset they have in mind is a “special cable side raise.” These are done on the low pulley of the cable cross over machine. Slightly leaning back, busting through these reps, you have tension coming at you from top to bottom of this movement, feeling the burn throughout your whole shoulder. Just to make it a little more challenging and to cap off the destruction of their shoulders, these guys wrap up the superset with some close grip upright rows.

Shoulder Workout Recap

3 Big supersets
5 Sets per superset

Back to back, all out until failure each set:

  • Dumbbell seated shoulder press superset with dumbbell “forced negative” side lateral raises

  • Nautilus hands free rear delt machine superset with plate front raises full range of motion

  • “Special” cable side lateral raises superset with close grip barbell upright rows

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