Powerlifter Rob Hall shares his recommendation on gifts for a beginner powerlifter.

Holiday Gift Guide for a Beginner Powerlifter

As the year winds down and the holidays approach, thoughts shift to family, friends, and gifting your loved ones with something they will cherish for months and years to come. Is your loved one getting into powerlifting? Or in need of some necessities for the sport? Then this piece is for you. Powerlifting isn’t a complicated sport, but there are items that are essential to every powerlifter’s journey.

Let’s break it down. First and foremost, make sure your gifts are meet legal. Most federations have a rule book that sets guidelines for what is acceptable to use on meet day. The top item on your checklist should be a singlet. They are an absolute must. Coupled with a competition tee from a company (Animal) or athlete that they like, you’ve got a solid, essential gift for the powerlifter in your life.

Next on the list, depending on what category they’re competing in, are knee sleeves/wraps. Squats are the first lift of the meet and often dictate how the meet will go, so gifting sleeves/wraps that will aid in the lift would be extremely beneficial. Stoic, Living Large, SBD, and Slingshot are some popular brands to consider. And while on the subject of sleeves/wraps, wrist wraps are also a useful item. Wrist wraps are the perfect complement to sleeves/wraps for any powerlifter, whether they’re a seasoned vet or just starting out. Again, check the rule books for max length, but generally it’s not to exceed 1 m. I recommend 18-36” wrist wraps.

Now that we’ve covered gifts for squat and bench, I believe a necessity for deadlifts is a quality lifting belt. Although there are a handful of companies to choose from like SBD and Slingshot, I highly recommend a Pioneer belt. Not only are they customizable, but they will last you for years to come. Basic or customized, you can’t go wrong with a Pioneer belt.

Beyond these necessities, here are a few more essentials that will help give your powerlifter a solid foundation for success. First: shoes. These can be squat shoes with a heel like Nike Romaleos and Adidas Powerlifts or flats like Sabo, Chucks, and my go-to Otomix. Second: deadlift socks. Hook your powerlifter up with socks from their favorite brand or something with a cool theme. Third: gym bag. What better way to pull everything together than with a gym bag to haul the new equipment to both the gym and meets.

After checking off some meet day essentials, there are various other gifts that can be utilized as stocking stuffers on every powerlifter’s gift list. Two things gyms might not have access to is chalk and ammonia. Keep in mind every powerlifter also has their preference. For chalk, you have to decide between powder or liquid. My go-to is Raw Grip Chalk. My first choice for ammonia is Skull Smash Ammonia. Obsidian is another solid choice, but honestly, there are so many brands. Going down with honorable mentions would be: a first aid kit, bands, icy hot, supplements, recipe books, journal, and a tripod to record lifts.

To wrap up this Powerlifter’s Gift Guide, I believe another way you could help cement your powerlifter’s commitment is with a non-material item. A strength program or a coach would be integral to their progress and development in the sport. Do your research and vet some coaches and programs that could benefit your loved one—it’ll really show that you care for their interest in the sport. I hope these suggestions were helpful in giving you some ideas for a great gift this holiday season. I also hope you all enjoyed my articles this year. I had a great time sharing my experiences, my thoughts, and being able to reach out and leave an impact, however small, on your lives.