Get Your Delts Up with Rex and Mass

Get Your Delts Up with Rex and Mass

Nowadays, everyone wants to reinvent the wheel. Whatever happened to keeping it simple?Stop spending the majority of your workout moving from machine to machine, trying the latest fad in shoulder training. If you want to get your delts up, grab some dumbbells, grab a bench, and go to work. Make sure you don’t leave your heart at the door because you’re going to need it. You’re not here to look fancy, but if you are, this workout is not for you. Just don’t expect to be walking around with shoulders the size of shoulder pads.

The secret to being wider and broader lies in heavy presses. Our mass building movement for the day is comprised of five sets, ten to fifteen reps, no rest. You go I go. No bullshit either. We go to failure, catch our breath, then get right back to it with no time to waste. With cameras flashing and fans recording each set, it’s easy to get caught up in the limelight and lose sight of what got you there in the first place. This is where you have to throw the blinders on and stay focused. That’s what it takes to be a pro.

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Anyone who has trained with Roman—or knows of his training style—knows he only has one speed: go. So after pressing ourselves to exhaustion, we turn on the afterburners for an Olympian style tri set. I go you go. The German machine mumbles as we dive in for more torture. Roman’s presence ignites a whole other level of intensity. Pain sets in, but there is no giving up now. Five sets gorge my already inflamed shoulders with more blood. My shoulders, now as big as mountains, prepare for more abuse.

We move on to the finisher. Unlike most people who see the finish line and let off the gas, we’re coming in full speed. We’re not afraid of crashing through the end zone. We do another superset aimed at targeting the only survivor, the rear delts. We first stimulate them with machine flyes, which activates the mind muscle connection, then cap it all off with behind-the-neck pull downs. For all of you form police out there—we know. Traditionally this exercise is intended to target the upper back, but we decided to mix it up and put the focus on contracting the already inflamed muscle group, thus taking emphasis off the lats and putting it onto the rear delts.

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No excuses. Not bad for our second workout of the day. Giving everything you have, not just once but twice, is what separates the boys from the men. Every time you step foot in the gym, the focus and effort should be 100%. Even if you’re training alone, you go I go, forty-five seconds rest, tops. Don’t be those keyboard warriors who spend twenty minutes working out and forty on their phones. Get in and get it done. And if you just so happen to find yourself in a position to train twice in one day, capitalize on the opportunity, take full advantage, and leave nothing. After all, to be a pro you have to train like one.

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