The people you let into your life can have a strong effect on who you are as a person. Are the people in your life making you better or are they holding you back? It’s important to have the support of good people, but choosing the right ones can be difficult. Do they care for you as a person? Do they want to see you succeed and truly want the best for you? Find people who care about you as a person first, then all the superficial things will be secondary to your relationship with them.

Choose Your Gym Partners Wisely

When it comes to training, you should pick your gym partners wisely. Are they able to push me further than I am able to push myself? Are they giving me proper guidance or being a distraction? Do they have the same burning desire as I do to be the best they can be? Will I improve because of them or am I carrying dead weight?

Be a Man of Action

You have to identify what you want in life, develop a plan to achieve it, and take action. The people who have what they want are the ones who make it happen. Your life is based on the choices you make—where you live, what you do, and who you are. Be the person who makes no excuses. Be the one who says “no matter what happens, I will see it through.” You have to be a “go getter.” When you make a decision, don’t hesitate. Go after it right away.

Patience Is Important

Without patience you can often make an irrational decision and it could lead to a bad result. Unfortunately, some people mistake patience for procrastination. Sometimes, though, the time is now and you just have to go for it. You can’t wait around for something good to happen. You must seek and create the opportunity and then follow it through with action. Once you’ve made your decision and taken action, be confident. Take control of your life.

Be True to Yourself

Most competitors strive to find a supplement company to sponsor them. I cannot stress how crucial it is that the company cares for you. The values of the company should align very closely with your values and morals. Nobody should change who they are to fit the likes of others. Be the best person that you can be and you will attract likeminded people. It’s easy to spot someone who isn’t genuine or unique. Over time people will see the true you. The person that you are portraying should be who you really are.

Impressions Matter

Remember that anywhere you go, you’re making an impression on others. Your attitude is a reflection of your character. It can be tough to maintain positivity, but staying optimistic will give you the happiest life. Optimism translates to confidence, which will give you motivation to train harder and endure the grinding process of bodybuilding. When you’re given an opportunity to do something good for others, take it. You never know what kind of effect your simple act of kindness can do for a single person. You may have made that one person’s day and in turn they may do kind things for others as well.

No matter where you go or what you do, know that every decision you make in life is yours. It may seem sometimes like things happen to us, but how we respond to those situations is entirely in our hands. Be a better person to become a better bodybuilder. Be confident. Be optimistic.