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Creatine: Muscle Pumps, Brain Gains, and Pooping Your Pants

Creatine: Muscle Pumps, Brain Gains, and Pooping Your Pants

Creatine is such an old supplement it can get glazed over and forgotten about. Personally, I took creatine for the first time in 6th grade. The joke was “look at John’s biceps, it's only a big ball of creatine and water”. At the time it pissed me off like I wasn’t working hard and was cheating, but looking back now it’s pretty darn funny.

All Aboard The Gain Train: Renee Jewett

All Aboard The Gain Train: Renee Jewett

In recent years I’ve noticed more and more women interested in gaining muscle. Some with the intention to compete in physique sports and others because they feel a sense of empowerment or want to improve the way they feel in their bodies. Whatever your reason for gaining muscle, I think it’s awesome. No matter your reasoning, you’re here because you’re most likely looking for information to help you build muscle. In this article, I outline my most important top five muscle gain tips for women. So hop on board the gain train to learn more!

Making Gains for the Master Level Bodybuilder

Making Gains for the Masters Level Bodybuilder

There are ways to make gains and continue to progress in bodybuilding as you age. Albeit, you may need to make adjustments and work around ailments due to age but you can still do it. How? John Jewett throws some pointers here.

TNT+, the Dynamite Test Booster

Animal TNT+ is different than your standard test booster designed to get you as jacked. It was created to optimize hormone levels of aging males and the issues that could potentially arise.

Why Testosterone Is King and Test Is Best

We're not going to bury our heads in the sand when it comes to anabolics. We know they work—no one's trying to tell you otherwise—and they're in the sport. But are the folks who don't want to go that route SOL? Evan Centopani explains how you can incorporate Animal Test into your programming to give yourself a boost and stay out of the black market.

Evan Centopani talks about anabolism and goes into the differences between Animal Stak and M-Stak.

Stak Versus M-Stak

One of the most common questions we receive is "What is the difference between M-Stak and Stak?" Well, the answer is here and Evan Centopani tells you exactly the difference in his latest article.