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Animal Meal


Evan Centopani

I’ve been bodybuilding for over 20 years and above all else, nutrition has been the most important thing to me....
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  • Animal Meal

    Animal Meal is a high-quality “balanced” meal replacement powder that relies on all-natural food-based ingredients.

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The Word

The Origin Of Animal Meal

The Origin Of Animal Meal

Anyone who knows me knows I care about nutrition and what I put into my body...a lot. As a bodybuilder, you have to make certain choices to achieve an elite level. At times, it seems like success and health are antithetical. Maybe that's a part of the reason why nutrition is so important to me. When it comes to nutrition, I'm always looking to eliminate the nonsense and get right to the good stuff. Over the years I’ve learned that you simply cannot improve on unadulterated, fresh, whole food. As far as perfect nutrition is concerned, technology has failed to surpass Mother Nature.
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Animal Meal: Key Ingredients

Animal Meal: Key Ingredients

The idea behind Animal Meal is pretty simple. Animal and I created Animal Meal to be a highly digestible meal replacement powder with just a few natural, high quality ingredients. Animal Meal contains macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) sourced from the following seven basic foods: beef, egg, peas, sweet potatoes, oats, cassava root (yuca), and olive oil. Animal Meal also provides a close approximation of what I deem as the ideal ratio of those macronutrients – 1:1:1. Working closely with Animal, I just wanted in create a meal replacement powder that could serve as a meal “replacement” for me and anyone interested in proper nutrition. I truly hope I’ve succeeded.
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Animal Meal Questions & Answers With Evan Centopani

Animal Meal Questions & Answers With Evan Centopani

Who would benefit from taking Animal Meal? Anyone looking for a balanced, extremely easy to digest, and high-quality source of macronutrients can benefit from the regular use of Animal Meal. You don’t have to be an elite athlete or bodybuilder like me to benefit from Animal Meal use either.
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The Importance of Balancing Your Macros

The Importance of Balancing Your Macros

Nearly all industries, disciplines, and practices are subject to trends. Nutrition and the opinions surrounding it seem to be especially volatile. In my lifetime alone, I have seen a dramatic shift in the thinking regarding nutrition. What’s interesting to note is that trends can be influenced by various factors. There is always the possibility that there is an agenda being pushed for the sake of making money. Any company or industry with something to gain from a favorable result can fund and publish “studies” which might influence people to buy their products. This happens in the food industry all the time.
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First things first, I immediately noticed how easily Animal Meal mixed. I mixed it in a regular cup with a lid without a blender ball intentionally. Not a single clump of any buildup on the lid. Next thing I noticed was the taste and the texture. The taste is good, especially for a meal replacement type supplement. Digestibility…all is good and working as it should. No bloat, no upset stomach. I would absolutely…recommend this product.Robert Humm
Animal Meal definitely comes in handy for shift work/on-call work. I used 10 oz. of cold water in a shaker cup and it mixed perfectly, without clumping... A few vigorous shakes and I was good to go. I was surprised with the cocoa-based flavoring…it was delicious. I've got a pretty strong stomach, but this caused no problems whatsoever. Went down easy, stayed down, and didn't cause any interruptions/additions to my daily bathroom breaks.John Eger
Animal Meal is a VERY meticulously thought out powder. I had no bloating, distension, or digestion issues with this whatsoever. I also noticed the sustained energy I got. It definitely staved off my hunger for a good 3 or so hours, and worked right into my meals nicely. The mix-ability was one of the best features of this powder. Even with the three scoops in about 12-15 oz of water, it mixed almost perfectly with no clumps. The taste of the drink was incredible. The drink it most closely resembled would have to be Nesquick. Two thumbs up!William Walker
Animal meal mixed up great with just a spoon. No clumps. Really easy to drink. The texture is very smooth. It doesn't sit heavy at all but keeps you full. It goes down easy, no upset stomach or running to the bathroom. All the protein and carb sources included are commonly eaten in everyday diets and shows the work Animal put in to the product with picking ingredients that are really easy to digest, but still pack a good nutritional value.Mike Fitting
The product tasted very natural, like a mild mocha and a high end plant based protein texture as far as consistency (slightly gritty but not overly so). Very pleasant and not overbearing in taste. Animal, you got a winner!Dylan Dobosz
The flavor is not strong which is a plus for me. The texture is perfect it’s not too thick and it’s also not too watered down. Great product.Liam McConville
I thought the product had a nice balance of bitterness and sweetness. The sweetness wasn't overpowering to the point where it made my mouth taste gross like other products I've tried in the past. Once again, good digestibility and it's just what the doctor ordered post workout.Spencer Fiumara
It mixes great and only slightly gritty which again is not a big deal at all. Drinkability was superior to the majority of shakes I've tried. Digestion was second to none. No bloating, stomach pain, gas or any negatives there! That is something I struggle with and usually have to take some sort of digestive enzyme, but I didn't take one with it, and felt great!Tony Wright
Great product! The taste is great, and the texture is too. Digestibility for a meal replacement product here was excellent. Loved it!Mike Longo
The flavor was amazing and mixed so easy, no clumps for me. I used this as a post workout shake and I put a scoop of this in my oatmeal for breakfast along with some egg whites, fantastic product.Mike Matera
Animal Meal is fantastic. It mixed better than I thought it would, and the flavor was great. I had zero issues with digestion as well, which was a big bonus.Brad Milligan
The balance of flavor to mixability is perfect. There is a desired grittiness to it that makes you feel like you made a protein shake from scratch in your own blender. It also isn’t overbearing with sweeteners or fillers like a lot of meal shakes are. And the fact that I had 2 and 1/2 big scoops in a shaker and it literally all mixed evenly is fantastic. I’m not usually big on meal replacement shakes for that reason, but after tasting this I’m most definitely reconsidering that ideal. Very well made and very true to the core of Animal.Brandon Roe
The first thing that stood out to me was how good it smelled when opened. The next thing was how easy it mixed. I took one serving (not one scoop) and made it in a mini shaker with cold water. It dissolved very easy and did not leave chunks behind, although I did use a blender ball. Moving forward from there, the taste was great. It tasted like a light chocolate graham cracker or almost like a s'more. All in all I loved it.Aaron Brown
Overall it is a great product.Axel Miazga
A lot of powders leave me bloated, gassy and feeling full when it's time for me to eat a solid meal again. I took Animal Meal at 2 different times and the results were pretty much identical. When taken on an empty stomach, I was actually hungry about 1 hour later. When taken with a small meal, it really didn't add much to how full I felt. It goes down easy and doesn't feel heavy in your gut. Animal Meal is a light, easily digestible, very mixable meal powder that tastes good. I have a feeling this will be the benchmark in the MRP category.Cody Laurent
I meal prep and bring my meals to work, but life happens. A shake like this is very reliable. I drained Animal Meal before an event and had no issues. I felt full. I typically eat every 2.5 hrs and this shake kept me full the entire window. Animal Meal mixed great! No clumps, no dry powder at the bottom of shaker, it was smooth. I was very impressed.Bradley Ward
No digestive issues what so ever! I ingested the meal replacement as my 3rd meal of the day (currently have 6 meals) and it kept me satisfied until my next meal. Didn't go hypo, never got hungry before the next meal, and didn't sit in my stomach like a ton of bricks making me feel heavy or bloated/full. Basically, it just left me feeling completely satisfied, without having to eat a solid meal. It was a nice break. Protein, carb and fat sources are all high quality... No cheaping out!Greg Marcolin
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