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Animal Nitro

Animal Nitro

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Accelerated Amino Transport

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Recovery is the name of the game. You’re only as good, as you can recover. The hardest workouts, the heaviest weights, the strictest diet program, all mean very little if you can’t rebuild and repair torn down muscle tissue, bigger and stronger than before. The weights are only a catalyst. Protein and amino acids, when processed correctly and efficiently, can trigger the development of the bigger and stronger muscle tissue.

By now, you know the value of amino acids. Aminos are the basic building blocks of muscle. Aminos can also trigger anabolism, the cornerstone of muscle growth. There are nearly two dozen amino acids, but only a select few are absolutely “essential” for igniting the anabolic drive, as the research has shown. Not surprisingly, these key essential aminos (EAA) are the same ones found in human muscle.

Animal Nitro is the first and only supplement that contains the correct ratios of those aminos based on human muscle protein itself—the Human Muscle Protein Complex (HMPC). HMPC consists of special uncoupled aminos exclusively (those that are free of the chemical bonds that can limit maximum utilization). By using only 100% uncoupled aminos in HMPC, Animal Nitro delivers a precisely controlled dose of aminos that are targeted to efficiently enter systemic circulation. And that's where the muscle-building transaction is paid in full.

Each pack consists of a measured 6,000 mg dose of uncoupled aminos. Once ingested, they quickly form a special bolus (a protective mass) that allows them to efficiently bypass the liver. Once past the liver, this bolus enters systemic circulation, where they can exert their powerful effects. When combined with serious resistance training, Animal Nitro can actually help your body deliver more nutrients to your working muscles, recover more quickly, and build new muscle mass by enhancing protein synthesis, improving net muscle protein balance, and preventing muscle breakdown.

As no-nonsense as the no-bullshit Animal line of bodybuilding supplements gets, Animal Nitro is the truth. Simple packs of nine white capsules, loaded to the hilt with power-packed essential amino acids. Gram for gram, nothing is as pure, as efficient, as potent, and as effective as Animal Nitro. It's the gold standard among amino-based formulas, and the forerunner in EAA supplementation. Place the building blocks in the proper place, and watch your structure grow in stature. One workout, one meal, one pack of Animal Nitro at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Nitro contains essential aminos. What's so special about essential aminos?

Essential aminos are those aminos that your body can't make... You can only get them through your diet. Essential aminos are important for a couple of reasons. First, your body can take them and turn them into other non-essential aminos as needed. Second, many of the essential amino acids can be used to make energy (useful during dieting) when needed. Third, you can maintain a net nitrogen balance on essential aminos only-you don't non-essential aminos to get into an anabolic state. Fourth, the essential aminos found in Animal Nitro come in the form of uncoupled aminos. They are free of chemical bonds and they do not need to be digested. Therefore, they can be rapidly assimilated, bypass the liver, and enter systemic circulation quickly and efficiently. When essential aminos come in "uncoupled" forms, they can also exert pharmacological and physiological effects that plain protein powders can't. Fifth, Animal Nitro contains a specific, proven ratio of amino acids. We just don't throw them in there. They come in a precise formula that has been modeled after actual human muscle protein itself. No other amino formula has this blend of aminos that we call Human Muscle Protein Complex(tm) (see below). Finally, research has recently shown that non-essential amino acids are not required for boosting anabolism via protein synthesis. Only essential aminos are necessary. So yeah, essential amino acids are just that important.

I'm dieting. Can Animal Nitro help?

Whether you're dieting, bulking or maintaining, Animal Nitro can help. For dieters, Animal Nitro can help keep energy levels up as some of the aminos in Nitro have the ability to be oxidized (used to energy). The aminos in Animal Nitro can also exert anti-catabolic effects, helping to preserve lean mass during calorie-restriction. Gainers can also use Animal Nitro. With Animal Nitro, they can get key aminos delivered fast without all the extra calories. And Animal Nitro won't leave you feeling full or bloated.

Does Animal Nitro have BCAAs?

Absolutely. Each pack contains approximately 4600mg of BCAAs. One interesting thing about Human Muscle Protein Complex(tm)... As you know, we modeled it after actual human muscle protein. As it turns out, human muscle protein has roughly a 2:1:1 ratio of leucine:isoleucine:valine. A wealth of studies have been performed on the benefits of BCAAs specifically and guess what? The important published studies used the same 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs as found in human muscle protein. Coincidence? We don't think so. Matching the amino protein profile of an amino supplement to human muscle will yield the best results according to research. Animal Nitro also contains the proven 2:1:1 ratios of leucine:isoleucine:valine. How's that for cool?

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