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Animal Greens

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Animal Greens is a unique and optimally calibrated greens formula loaded into easy-to-take capsules and tablets in a pill-pack form.

  • Hearty servings of greens
  • Packed with phytonutrients, antioxidants, and digestive ingredients
  • Quick, easy, and convenient pill-packs
  • Only capsules and tablets, so no harsh greens aftertaste
  • Helps strengthen immune system and overall health
  • Based on natural foods


Ever have trouble getting down your greens even though you know they are absolutely necessary for a healthy, functioning body? You probably have, or you may even have skipped over them completely. Or maybe you invested in some powdered greens only to find out it tastes like freshly cut grass? Whatever the issue is, forget about it now - toss one pill packet back and cover all your bases for the day.

How to Use

Take 1 pack with any meal.


Is Animal Greens vegan?
Although the ingredients in Animal Greens do not contain animal sources, the gelatin capsule are derived from beef.

Is Animal Greens gluten free?
Animal Greens has not been tested for the presence of gluten, but we are currently working with our lab to do so.

Can Animal Greens be used to replace fruits and vegetables in my diet?
We do not recommend replacing fruits and vegetables in your diet with a supplement. Animal Greens is to be used in addition to a healthy diet for a nutrient-rich boost, not as a replacement.

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