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When is the best time to take creatine

When is the best time to take creatine?

Guys and girls; pull up a chair and take a seat. I’m about to tell you about THE sports supplement that has been the subject of more studies than probably any other sports supplement in the history OF sports supplements.

Creatine: Muscle Pumps, Brain Gains, and Pooping Your Pants

Creatine: Muscle Pumps, Brain Gains, and Pooping Your Pants

Creatine is such an old supplement it can get glazed over and forgotten about. Personally, I took creatine for the first time in 6th grade. The joke was “look at John’s biceps, it's only a big ball of creatine and water”. At the time it pissed me off like I wasn’t working hard and was cheating, but looking back now it’s pretty darn funny.

All Aboard The Gain Train: Renee Jewett

All Aboard The Gain Train: Renee Jewett

In recent years I’ve noticed more and more women interested in gaining muscle. Some with the intention to compete in physique sports and others because they feel a sense of empowerment or want to improve the way they feel in their bodies. Whatever your reason for gaining muscle, I think it’s awesome. No matter your reasoning, you’re here because you’re most likely looking for information to help you build muscle. In this article, I outline my most important top five muscle gain tips for women. So hop on board the gain train to learn more!

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Best Bang for the Buck

Ever since I began my bodybuilding journey, I've trained mainly to pump my muscles full of blood and expand them as much as possible. This has been my number one guiding principle when trying to build more muscle tissue. Although I increase the resistance (weight) when I feel it's necessary, I don't believe more weight is the end all be all. I am not denying that heavy weight builds strength—and a stronger muscle is typically going to be a bigger muscle—but my training has mainly focused on the pump. After discussing training methods with other bodybuilders and power lifters, I noticed that their training methods were almost exactly the opposite. Power lifters train against the pump.