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As Rob Hall gets ready for his 4th appearance in the Animal Cage, we can't help but reminisce about the craziness of his early years, especially when he did a 600lb deadlift for 67 reps. Read his latest article to see what got him into the idea of The Cage and what it's like being inside.
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Posted By: Rob Hall
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
No Switch Off: Bodybuilding, Work, and Relationships
Bodybuilding is, and always will be, a time consuming endeavor as there is no off-season. It doesn't just turn off when you leave the gym or competition. This often creates an imbalance in priorities. Chris Tuttle shows us in his newest article how maintain a healthy balance between family, career, and competition.
Posted By: Chris Tuttle
Categories: Lifestyle
Date Night Friendly Lasagna Recipe
Valentine’s Day is coming up and nothing says romance like a home-cooked Italian meal for your significant other. At the same time, we are regimented bodybuilders and might not want a full blown cheat meal. This week let’s make a macro matched lasagna that will melt hearts and not pack on the fat gain.
Posted By: John Jewett
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
New Mass For the New Year
A new year is a great time to reflect on the past and move forward with greater knowledge and experience. When I think about what I learned this year, the biggest factor in my improvement as a bodybuilder was in perfecting the basics. We can’t advance if the basics are not in place or not optimized to the fullest. It can be easy to get hyper focused on fine details and lose sight of the big picture. With that in mind, I will cover the basic tenets to help you lay down some new muscle mass this year.
Posted By: John Jewett
Categories: Training
Buyer Beware: Recall Affects 859 Supplement Brands, But Not Us
Some shocking news came to the forefront of social media this week that affected over 850 supplement brands (859 to be exact).
Posted By: Jason Budsock
Categories: Lifestyle
Skill, Passion, and Talent: The Trifecta For Success
Do you want to know what it takes to succeed? We all have different formulas, but maybe we can learn a thing or two from world record holder Stefi Cohen. Click the link for Stefi's latest article where she dives deep into "The Trifecta For Success."
Posted By: Stefi Cohen
Categories: Lifestyle
New Year’s Resolutions
Making a new year's resolution is a good way to set up a new goal and begin achieving it, but how many of us actually succeed? Chris Tuttle explains in his latest article why most of our resolutions will fail, but he also tells us how to avoid these common mistakes. Read on to start your year right.
Posted By: Chris Tuttle
Categories: Lifestyle
The Build, In The Beginning
Hand two motivated individuals the same hammer and neither will create the same thing. But how do you find that motivation to build? Whether we understand it or not, are aware of it or not, discontent often lies at the heart of change. For me, feelings of inadequacy coupled with an irrepressible need for self-improvement got me motivated pretty early in life. A bench and barbell set that could serve as a heavy-duty clothing rack and dust collection unit for one guy, allowed me to transform myself both physically and mentally. This is for the one who helped me get started. Thanks, Dad.
Posted By: Evan Centopani
Categories: Lifestyle, The Build
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