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5 Tips To Maintain Training Intensity During Contest Prep
Intensity is one of the key components to accomplishing anything of magnitude, but especially to building a successful physique. You have to train in a way that will produce results, even when energy and calories are in serious deficit. John Jewett tells us how to approach and sustain intensity when you're getting ready for a show.
Posted By: John Jewett
Hypertrophy Training: Preparing for Your Hard Sets
Hypertrophy--the breaking down of muscle fibers so that they rebuild themselves with increased size--is the point of training. If you want to achieve the greatest degree of hypertrophy, you must be in tune with what you're doing in the gym and how you're doing it. No one understands this better than IFBB Pro John Jewett. He explains how to properly initiate and reach maximum hypertrophy in his latest article.
Posted By: John Jewett
Categories: TRAINING
Improving Sleep for Increased Gains
Sleep, without a shadow of doubt, is the most overlooked aspect of recovery and growth. We're talking about a deep sleep state that allows your muscles and your mind to recover fully from your day to day grind. In his newest article, John Jewett explains the importance of a good rest and why it is absolutely crucial for recovery. Tag someone who is up all night and needs this reality check.
Posted By: John Jewett
Transitioning from Off-season to Contest Prep
You know that point between off-season and prep where you gotta make the switch and you have to do it seamlessly? Yeah, we know it too. Derek Lunsford has you covered in his latest article.
Posted By: Derek Lunsford
Improving Digestion on Contest Prep and Cutting Phases
There is a saying, "You are what you eat". However, better verbiage would be "You are what you are able to digest". Poor digestion can be a result of a host of issues which can and will limit fat loss and overall progress. Your body function will be limited even if you were 100% dedicated. John Jewett highlights the various issues that can cause GI distress and poor digestive capability in his latest article and offers remedies that can help you alleviate some of these side effects and keep your body moving forward.
Posted By: John Jewett
Keeping the Waist Streamlined
Bodybuilders, in general, focus on becoming as muscle-bound as possible. After all, muscularity is a huge part of the judging criteria. However, shape and aesthetics are just as important as muscularity. Continue reading →
Posted By: John Jewett
Categories: LIVING
Rescue Strategy for Meals
Your diet won’t always be perfect—things come up, obstacles present themselves, and you have to roll with the punches. Rather than throwing in the towel and grabbing a cheeseburger, John Jewett explains how you can rescue a diet when you're in a bind with his latest article.
Posted By: John Jewett
Contest Prep Animal Stack
Whenever I’m in the middle of contest prep, I constantly review my nutrition, training, and supplement plan. I always want to a have a solid reason behind each decision I make regarding all of these variables. I don’t want to waste any time investing in something that is not getting me closer to my goal. In this article I will take you through my current Animal supplement stack on contest prep and explain how I use each product in my plan.
Posted By: John Jewett
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