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Overcoming Adversity
There are many lessons to be learned from the Iron but one that sticks out prominently is overcoming adversity--the ability to bounce back after a setback or disappointment. Many talented athletes have fallen to the wayside because they never stood back up once they fell. Champions are defined by how they handle these hardships and still triumph. Derek Lunsford has something to say about it in his latest article.
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Posted By: Derek Lunsford
Categories: Lifestyle
BURDEN OF THE BAR - "Finding Yourself Through Failure" Week 2
To imagine the Self in contrast to the expectations of Others is always a challenging balancing act. For instance, when a parent doesn’t support your passing hobbies, you can overlook it. But what happens when passions and dreams are involved? Stef had little interest playing tea with other girls when she was 8, despite her mother’s best efforts. She didn’t like dolls; she didn’t want to dress up. She just wanted to play soccer with the rough and tumble boys. Numerous playdates later, Stef’s desire didn’t waver.
Posted By: Animal Mentality
Categories: Burden Of The Bar
What Does The Bar Mean To Me?
What does this bar mean to me? My bar, and its burden, represents the difficult road to achieving personal greatness. We have our own ideas about what greatness looks like and this is defined by our personal struggles and desires. My struggle chews me up and my desire burns me up. These two feelings can be a lot to handle. But this inner dynamic creates an outer benefit too – laser-like focus that I crave and need. Life is full of so much noise – distractions, temptations, expectations and condemnations. Focus helps you get closer to greatness, and as you do, these distracting sounds become more distant – like my past. Continue reading →
Posted By: Stefi Cohen
Categories: Burden Of The Bar
Big On a Budget
In the latest episode of "Big on a Budget," Chris Tuttle takes to Marrazzo's grocery store to put together a full week of clean eating for under $50. It can be done. Learn how to bodybuild while on a fixed income.
Posted By: Chris Tuttle
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
BURDEN OF THE BAR - "Finding Yourself Through Failure" Week 1
What is the Burden of the Bar and why does it matter? It's about real stories that can teach us something about who we are.
Posted By: Animal Mentality
Categories: Burden Of The Bar
PakCast - Animal Podcast #3 Psychology of Steroids
In this episode of Animal's new podcast, Animal Mentality talks with IFBB Pro Evan Centopani about the psychology of steroid use and some of the most common myths associated with it.
Posted By: Animal Mentality
Categories: PakCast
Becoming an Olympian
Now, the sky’s the limit. My goal is to win the 212 Olympia. This is not a dream, but a reality I can make true. I have the entire year focused for the 2020 Olympia. I will change my physique into what will be an Olympian champion—my vision is set.
Posted By: John Jewett
Categories: Lifestyle
Two Ways To Prevent Bench Injuries
Chest muscles are commonly injured from improper bench pressing. Chiropractor Jordan Shallow lays out how to prevent bench press injuries in his newest article. Check it out.
Posted By: Jordan Shallow
Categories: Training, Lifestyle
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