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The Structure of Construction
It is a regimented life we lead. It takes discipline, consistency, planning and patience to squeeze every last fucking drop of potential from the genes Mom and Pop threw our way. Continue reading →
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Posted By: G Diesel
Categories: Training
The 24/7 Athlete
Bodybuilders are the hardest working athletes in the world. Point blank. No athletic pursuit in this world requires a comparable sort of single-minded focus. Continue reading →
Posted By: G Diesel
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
Fuck Everything Else
The unmotivated. The weak. The ones that always have an excuse for why they have not yet reached their goals. You know the type of person I’m talking about. Continue reading →
Posted By: Bulldog
Categories: Lifestyle
On Top of the World
I am on top of the world. Why? I will tell you in a second. In a previous article I wrote, “Fuck Everything Else,” I talked about there being no better feeling in the world then that of accomplishing a goal that you set for yourself. Continue reading →
Posted By: Bulldog
Categories: Lifestyle
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