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“Hey man, whatcha' hittin' today?” How many times have I heard that question come from someone I see in the gym? “I dunno, maybe chest. Yeah, chest. I'm gonna hit chest.” Continue reading →
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Posted By: Rhino
Categories: Training
Arm Yourself Correctly
The things we do every day can sometimes become mundane and tedious, but they can also be redefined, revamped and turbo charged. Simple, basic movements pulled us out of the death in a box, day to day drudgery that we are so far away from now. Continue reading →
Posted By: Machine
Categories: Training
My Alchemy, Volume 3
Stress. It is both to be sought and to be avoided at all costs. There is a precarious line we toe as bodybuilders--inflicting major muscular damage on ourselves on a regular basis but then attempting to compensate for this trauma immediately by means of rest, relaxation and the consumption of copious calories. Continue reading →
Posted By: G Diesel
Categories: Lifestyle
My Alchemy, Volume 2
Training is the fucking easy part. The further along you come in your development; you’ll find ways of becoming more efficient and generating greater intensity. Focused and motivated, you’ll rip through your workout like a rabid wolverine frothing at the mouth and be slumped in your whip driving home in less than an hour. Continue reading →
Posted By: G Diesel
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
My Alchemy: G Diesel’s Formula Vol. 1
I am just like you... Not an IFBB pro. Not a model gracing magazine covers. Not a celebrity with an entourage. Continue reading →
Posted By: G Diesel
Categories: Training
The Circuit Breaker
One day, as I sat there drenched in sweat, breathing heavily, recovering from my most recent gut wrenching set, I had a revelation. I was wasting my fucking time. Continue reading →
Posted By: G Diesel
Categories: Training
The Secret
You want to know the secret? The secret to geting huge? Bro, there are no fuckin secrets. Sorry. People always want that secret exercise, secret diet, or little secret pill. Continue reading →
Posted By: The House
Categories: Training
Powerbuilding, Volume 4
So by this time you get the 411 on protein loud and clear. It honestly shouldn't have taken me to do it, as I know every inch of every page of your favorite bodybuilding mag or online forum has driven the protein message through your thick skull by now. Continue reading →
Posted By: G Diesel
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
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