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People shun hard work. From where I stand, it often looks like people shun effort, especially when demanding physical exertion is involved. You all know what I mean. Continue reading →
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Posted By: Evan Centopani
Categories: Training, Lifestyle
Optimizing Liver Health for Bodybuilding
As bodybuilders, it can be easy to focus exclusively on building muscle. We are, however, an array of organ systems working together, each one playing a role in bodybuilding in some way. The liver has hundreds of functions in the body, many of which are necessary for optimizing our results. Continue reading →
Posted By: John Jewett
Categories: Lifestyle
Big On the Basics: Squat
I remember years ago seeing Tom Platz’s legs for the first time and being astonished to see that much muscle mass on a frame. Tom, known for his massive legs, got that way with squats. So, I figured, it only made sense that squatting was the ticket to big legs. I powerlifted and squatted for 8 years and gained some big wheels. Continue reading →
Posted By: John Jewett
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
Mending Lagging Body Parts
My pecs are stubborn as hell to grow. As a young teenager, I pursued powerlifting because I was naturally strong and aspired to add some freaky mass to my frame. Continue reading →
Posted By: John Jewett
Categories: Training
Road To Recovery: Part VII
Let’s get one thing straight, you do not simply “do” bodybuilding. Unlike other hobbies which can be compartmentalized, bodybuilding is pervasive. It becomes a lifestyle. Continue reading →
Posted By: Evan Centopani
Categories: Training
At the most basic level, The Cage is nothing more than a 30’ x 20’ chain link enclosure with heavy rubber flooring that contains barbells, dumbbells, plates, a monolift, a bench press, and a deadlift platform. But to many, The Cage represents so much more. Continue reading →
Posted By: Animal
Categories: Training
Building Bigger Arms
While it’s true that a large chunk of your upper arm growth will simply come as an automatic result of heavy chest and back training, direct arm isolation work is still important when it comes to fully maximizing your results. Continue reading →
Posted By: Enforcer
Categories: Training
Big On the Basics: Pendlay Barbell Row
Legs are impressive, but a monstrous back is the quintessence of hard work. Continue reading →
Posted By: John Jewett
Categories: Training
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