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Is obsession positive or negative? Is it healthy obsession or borderline psychotic? Depends on the context and who you ask. Jay Nera’s latest article explains the “obsessed” and how they harness their mindset to get to the next level.
Posted By: Jay Nera
Nutrition Basics: Setting Up Macronutrients
John Jewett has always been a "thinking man's bodybuilder.” Every movement he performs and every morsel of food he puts in his mouth has a purpose and function. His knowledge is vast and his approach is intelligent. Listen in as he covers some of the nutrition basics that are the pillars of his plan.
Posted By: John Jewett
Using a Pre Workout
Summer is quickly approaching and with it comes the heat. To turn up the heat in the gym and light a fire under your ass, consider a solid pre workout. Let IFBB Pro Derek Lunsford show you how to pick the right one for you.
Posted By: Derek Lunsford
Being the Underdog
It’s been 8 weeks since The Cage and I can still play it back in my mind. Most people know that I was hospitalized after my event with Steve Johnson. I was diagnosed with Rhabdomyolysis, the breakdown of damaged skeletal muscle into the body. This, in effect, causes the release of myoglobin into the blood stream. My case was severe enough to shut down my kidneys. I also suffered acute liver damage due to a misdiagnosis at the ER in Ohio. Subsequently, I spent 5 days in a hospital bed hooked up to IVs in excruciating pain. To this day, I can still feel pain in my lower back muscles and experience numbness in the area. Looking back though, I don’t think I would change a thing. Continue reading →
Posted By: Rob Hall
Early Mistakes in Bodybuilding
We've all been beginners at one point – being serious but screwing up at the same time. Ignorance can lead to slower progress and, even worse, injury. Read about the mistakes IFBB Pro John Jewett made starting out in his latest article.
Posted By: John Jewett
On The Map: Volume II
The trip to Cologne, Germany was the first time I had ever been out of the United States. Continue reading →
Posted By: Derek Lunsford
Categories: LIVING
Push Session on Contest Prep
Get a close up look at contest prepping John Jewett as he pushes himself through a mid-week Push session.
Posted By: John Jewett
Categories: TRAINING
Feed the Animal Part 1: Digestion
In your quest to get big, don’t overlook the importance of digestion. If you cannot digest the amount of food you need to take in, you will spin your wheels. There are many foods (and supplements) that support proper digestion. Listen in as two of the most health conscious athletes in the sport, Evan Centopani and John Jewett, discuss their favorite digestive aids.
Posted By: John Jewett
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