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Road To Relentless
Fresh off the platform, Rob Hall documents his training camp experience leading up to the USPA Relentless Power Classic in his latest article.
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Posted By: Rob Hall
Categories: Training
Tips To Avoid Temptation
We often crave bad food because it's tasty, and even when we restrict that, we may still want it. Chris Tuttle shares some tips on how to avoid temptation.
Posted By: Chris Tuttle
Categories: Diet & Nutrition
From Fan to Fam
IFBB Pro Shawn Smith, Animal's newest athlete, shares his story on why and how he got into bodybuilding.
Posted By: Shawn Smith
Categories: Lifestyle
The Ultimate Training Pack Just Got Better
As a proud major player in the supplement industry for decades, we're committed to our customers, and that's why we've updated the Animal Pak formula.
Posted By: Animal
Categories: Supplementation
The 5 Most Common Mistakes Women Make In the Gym
Stefi Cohen breaks down the 5 common mistakes that women make in the gym and explains how to correct them in her latest article.
Posted By: Stefi Cohen
Categories: Training
The Evolution of My Training
As athletes, we evolve as the years go on. Whether it's diet, training, our look, or all of the above, we progress forward and change as needed. Things that worked back in the day may now not apply to our present circumstances. Chris Tuttle has adjusted his training since he started. Here's how.
Posted By: Chris Tuttle
Categories: Training
Cardio Won’t Steal Your Gains
Stop doing cardio and you will never lose your gains—this answer seems like the obvious one, right? It’s commonly thought that in concurrent training—the combined training of aerobic and resistance training—endurance training creates some interference that can limit hypertrophy signaling. As a result, bodybuilders all around have been trying to limit cardio to prevent muscle gains from slipping away, but if implemented correctly, cardio won't steal your gains. From a bodybuilding standpoint, cardio must happen sometimes to create the energy deficit possible to get stage lean. From an off-season perspective, there is some merit to continuing cardio for general health reasons, such as aiding sleep and stress management, and allowing those squats to wear out your quads before wearing out your lungs. I am going to cover how to implement cardio with the least impact to strength and hypertrophy gains. Continue reading →
Posted By: John Jewett
Categories: Training
My Journey to the American Log Press Record
We should never take records for granted because the best of the best are trying to outdo themselves and each other by very slim margins. Rob Kearny, Animal's newest Strongman athlete, shoots on breaking the Log Press record in his latest article.
Posted By: Rob Kearney
Categories: Training
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