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Skill, Passion, and Talent: The Trifecta For Success
Do you want to know what it takes to succeed? We all have different formulas, but maybe we can learn a thing or two from world record holder Stefi Cohen. Click the link for Stefi's latest article where she dives deep into "The Trifecta For Success."
Posted By: Stef Cohen
Categories: LIFESTYLE
New Year’s Resolutions
Making a new year's resolution is a good way to set up a new goal and begin achieving it, but how many of us actually succeed? Chris Tuttle explains in his latest article why most of our resolutions will fail, but he also tells us how to avoid these common mistakes. Read on to start your year right.
Posted By: Chris Tuttle
Categories: LIFESTYLE
The Build, In The Beginning
Hand two motivated individuals the same hammer and neither will create the same thing. But how do you find that motivation to build? Whether we understand it or not, are aware of it or not, discontent often lies at the heart of change. For me, feelings of inadequacy coupled with an irrepressible need for self-improvement got me motivated pretty early in life. A bench and barbell set that could serve as a heavy-duty clothing rack and dust collection unit for one guy, allowed me to transform myself both physically and mentally. This is for the one who helped me get started. Thanks, Dad.
Posted By: Evan Centopani
Categories: LIFESTYLE, The Build
My Training Evolution Heading Into the New Year
We are in a constant physical, mental, and spiritual evolution. Whether it's how we approach training, the thought process behind getting ready for a show, or the overall outlook on life, we're always changing, fine tuning, and improving. Derek Lunsford, who has quickly shot from amateur to the upper 1% of the pro ranks, dives deep on how his training has morphed over the past few years.
Posted By: Derek Lunsford
Categories: TRAINING
Lessons Learned
A champion shouldn't be judged solely on outcomes. In fact, their reaction to defeat is more indicative of what caliber of a winner they are. When someone learns, adapts, and overcomes, that is when they will truly shine. After falling a bit short at the 2019 Mr. Olympia, Derek Lunsford reflects on what he's learned and how he's moving forward.
Posted By: Derek Lunsford
Categories: LIFESTYLE
Know Your Worth
Walt Disney's newspaper editor told the aspiring cartoonist he “wasn't creative enough.” When you first get into bodybuilding, it is in its purest form. It’s you, the weights, the gym, and the obsession with progression. It truly is “you against you.” Continue reading →
Posted By: G-Six
Categories: LIFESTYLE
The Deadlift: An Upper Or Lower Body Exercise?
Let’s answer the age old debate--is a deadlift an upper or lower body exercise? Jordan Shallow has an answer in his most recent article. See what he says.
Posted By: Jordan Shallow
Categories: TRAINING
The Making of Animal Pump Pro
Animal's newest non-stim pump formula, Pump Pro, is fresh off the assembly line. Designed entirely by athlete and IFBB Pro John Jewett, Pump Pro focuses on cell volumization, increased vascularity, and intense focus. Read further as John explains the making of this premier pre-workout.
Posted By: John Jewett
Categories: TRAINING, DIET
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