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It's the sensation that has the dedicated among us coming back to the gym- 30 Packs
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We chase the pump, just as much as you do. On the weight room floor, it makes us feel alive. It made us fall in love with the iron in the first place. There’s nothing quite like it. And it was the pursuit of that feeling that motivated us to formulate Animal Pump.

The “pump” is perhaps the most important physiological process as it relates to the bodybuilder and the pursuit of muscle-building. Not only is it the gratifying feeling of skin-tearing fullness that keeps iron athletes returning to the gym day after day, it is also the means by which oxygen and nutrient-rich blood engorges working muscle, feeding it so that it can grow. Not only does it make you look bigger, blowing up the target muscle group like a balloon, it actually makes you bigger, triggering the process of anabolism.

This process of muscle volumization is critical to muscle growth. With Animal Pump, we at Animal designed a formula specifically to “up the volume” while improving performance. Animal Pump was the first encapsulated pre-workout formula that contained a full daily dose of advanced creatines in each pre-dosed pack, fortified by vasodilation ingredients intended to maximize the pump by boosting nitric oxide (NO) production.

One of the standout points of differentiation for Animal Pump is that it is one of the very few encapsulated pre-workout formulas, for those who tire of the traditional powdered drink mixes. Consequently, for those sensitive to caffeine or those who train at night, Animal Pump provides all of the stimulants in its formula in a single, easy-to-identify red capsule, further setting it apart from the competition. Leave the stims in, or take them out and save them for later. The choice is yours. That's flexibility you rarely find in traditional bodybuilding supplementation.

Easy to use, convenient to carry in your pocket or gym bag, Animal Pump delivers in the gym, every time. Blowing up your muscles and helping you destroy the weights, there's no feeling quite like it. Animal Pump... It's the pump, in a pack.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Pump be used while cutting or is it strictly for bulking?

Both, Pump will help you to maintain your strength during a cutting period, a time when you often lose strength. While bulking, the Pump will help you to add both muscle mass and strength.

I've heard that creatine has a bloating effect. Should I worry about this with Animal Pump?

No. Animal Pump uses the latest creatines designed for efficient absorption and only intracellular cell volumization. With Animal Pump, you don't have to worry about the dreaded “creatine bloat”.

Is 3 grams of the advanced creatine matrix in Animal Pump enough for a full daily dose?

Absolutely. Early on in creatine's history, people were recommending 5 grams or more as a daily dose. Since that time, research has come out proving you don't need that much. For good old creatine monohydrate, as little as 2-3 grams a day will do ya just fine. And if 2 grams of plain mono is good enough, then you can bet 3 grams of the most cutting-edge, patented creatines are gonna be plenty.

Can I remove the stimulants from Animal Pump?

Absolutely. Animal’s “pack” system offers many advantages from precision dosing and timing–you get what you need, when your body needs it. To remove the stimulants, just take out the red pill.


“4 days in so far and WOW. I was lazy for one whole year and didn't make it to the gym once. I decided to get it together and I returned to the weights for one month without any supplements. The last month has killed my body so I decided to start something. A friend and I both started the Pump 4 days ago and all I can say is WOW! I couldn't rest over 30 seconds--2 hours of straight sets and cardio--and still plenty of energy. I'm generally lazy all around and it takes a lot for me to write reviews, but I had to say something about this. Get the Pump!”

~ Bob Wills

“Just started using Animal Pump. This shit is great.”

~ S. Harrison Conley, GA

“I love Animal Pump. It gives me a pump in the middle of my workout that makes me excited to lift.”

~ B. Clause New Castle, PA

"I am currently in week three of Animal Pump and I'm impressed. I was doing a set of incline dumbbell bench today and I had the 85's"on my legs ready to lay back and kill it. Sweat pouring from my face, the hood from my sweatshirt over my head to help me block out everything but what I was there to do, Norma Jean blaring on my headphones, I lay back and go to work. Because of Animal Pump my workouts are amazing. Besides the 'pump', I've got the 'chills' after a great set like I had many of today. I've lost ten pounds of fat and gone up in every lift. What's better is the fact that I've gotten a few of my buddies to consider Animal Pump after seeing my results. I honestly focus better, lift more and work harder. Thank you."

~ Mike Evans Nebraska

"That Animal Pump is an amazing product... It's definitely a product I would recommend to overcome plateaus and weaknesses in particular lifts... It's awesome that it gives you the energy, creatine and mindset to complete the workout and the pump you get during and after the workout is insane. It definitely seems like it prolongs the pump. Great stuff."

~ Dane Dill Texas

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