Workout Trial Stack

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The Workout Stack Includes:
Animal Pak Powder Orange
  • All-in-one performance complex with antioxidants, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, health & immune support
  • Animal Pak is your insurance policy to prevent nutritional gaps, ensuring that you maintain a strong internal environment, and one that is primed for muscle growth, recovery and optimal performance
  • Trial contains 7 servings
Animal Fury Watermelon
  • A no-nonsense pre-workout powder keg that could help serious lifters stay locked in “the zone”
  • Trial contains 5 servings
Animal Juiced Aminos Orange
  • Efficacious doses of the most critical anabolic amino acids—BCAAs and EAAs, gassed up by the inclusion of premium, prized, patented complementary amino compounds, delicious, refreshing taste allowing for ease of use
  • Trial contains 7 servings
*Purchase limit of 3 sets total.


Each Set contains 1 Trial of Pak Powder Orange, 1 Trial of Fury Watermelon and 1 Trial of Juiced Aminos Orange, purchase limit of 3.