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Foundational Trial Stack

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The Foundational Stack Includes:
Animal Pak Cherry Berry
  • All-in-one performance complex with antioxidants, digestive enzymes, vitamins, minerals, health & immune support
  • Animal Pak is your insurance policy to prevent nutritional gaps, ensuring that you maintain a strong internal environment, and one that is primed for muscle growth, recovery and optimal performance
  • Trial contains 7 servings
Animal Whey Chocolate Chocolate Chip
  • For your post-workout: low sugar and delicious, loaded with highly digestible whey isolate proteins with fast-acting digestive enzymes
  • Trial contains 4 servings
Animal Flex Orange
  • Consists of several key joint protection complexes
  • Trial contains 7 servings
*Purchase limit of 3 sets total.


Each Set contains 1 Trial of Pak Powder Cherry Berry, 1 Trial of Whey Chocolate Chocolate Chip and 1 Trial of Flex Orange, purchase limit of 3.